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22-07-08, 17:48
I have been prescribed this.

I have anxiety about my heart.

Basically I have constant adrenaline in my stomach, particularly on the right side & I get what feels like wind in my upper chest so its like im gasping for breath without really gasping for breath....am i making sense??

WHat happens is i tend to get weird feelings in my chest then palpitations...that dont go higher than mid 90bps eventually settling back down to low 70's/high 60bps.

I also am mostly aware of my chest beating all the time.

What my issue is, what effects can atenolol have? Side effects??

I took a low dose of propranolol before and stopped after a few days as it started to make me feel faint etc..

22-07-08, 20:29
I've been taking atenolol for over two years with no side effects. Initially I was on 25mg daily following angina.Recently the dosage was increased to 50 mg to stop panic attacks from which I suddenly started suffering all too frequently. Incidentally I have not suffered a panic attack since being put on the higher dosage although there is never a day when I don't suffer from anxiety.
All the best

22-07-08, 22:09
any side effects?

22-07-08, 23:01
no side effects whatsoever

tayside lassie
23-07-08, 00:14
hiya peter...Ive been on atenolol for nearing 10 years now i get them for h.b.p i still get to this day the side effects of tiredness/probs with eye sight/minor wheezy chest/mild anxiety all this with-in the first 3 hours of taking atenolol but its only temporary then im fine and atenolol is also given for anxiety/panic i started off on 100mgs a day and have recently had them reduced to 50 mgs as it was slowing my heart down to much ..according to the cardio clinic i went to atenolol is an old safe drug with very few bad side effects ...the side effects i get are so minor that i continue to take them and they are excellent for slowing a fast heart rate down .. hope they work for you peter .......