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stevie boy
01-05-05, 17:25
hi everyone im having a right bad time at the mo im on zopiclone and im haveing a bad time trying to come off them i take 2 a night when i was told buy the doc to take one a night i suffer from no energy in the day time and i feel sick most of the time but last night i did something iv never done this before now im worrying like mad i slept for 14 hours i just dont know what to do i want to get fit and i really want to come off thses sleeping pills i wounder if i have something else worng with me cos i sleep to much oh well i hope so of you out there can help

thanks stevie boy

stevie boy

01-05-05, 19:02
hi stevie,

I also sleep a lot due to anxiety. If I don't set the alarm, I could sleep for 15 hours every night!! and the more I sleep the more worn out I seem to feel..

I think you should ask your doctor about how best to come off them or maybe if you don't want to do that, you should start to cut down to one a night..

Sarah :D

01-05-05, 19:16
i know how u feel i dont take any tablets but i sleep for 10 hours everynight but i still feel really tired when i wake even though i have a good 10 hours and i feel knackered all day.

I wake up in the morning feeling like i havent slept.

I keep thinking maybes becasue i have 3 kids and the youngest is 5 months but he goes at bed at 7.30 and gets up at 8.30.

01-05-05, 19:48
Hi Stevie,

When im feeling anxious, i always feel really tired and want to sleep all the time, just go with it, and try to get lots of fresh air when you are awake,

take care

kairen x

01-05-05, 20:03
Hi steve I get the same, I got up at 10 30 this morning , went out for an hour shopping with daughter and realy wanted to sleep and was worn out when i returned. I had to realy push myself just to stay awake. But after dinner i couldnt stand it anymore and went lay on the bed for a hour. what a waste of nice weather? tc Vernon

02-05-05, 01:57
hi stevie,
apparently, anxiety tires your body out and so it's natural to feel knackered and want to sleep for hours.
i'm currently trying to build up my energy levels so i'm trying to go for a walk every day - exercise is meant to be good for anxiety too (though i've always struggled with that one lol).
take care,
henri x

02-05-05, 08:30
Hi Stevie:D

Im another one that can sleep for 10 hours and wake up feeling more exhausted, I find I have to drag myself out of bed!, and then all day I am shattered!, Ive fallen asleep on the couch at 8pm before now, I say to my fiance im sure hes drugging me so he can watch footy on tv!!ha ha, but seriously Im not on medication and constantly feel exhausted!.

02-05-05, 15:16
Hi Stevie boy,

Don't worry about sleeping for 14 hours...if you are on zopiclone, that means that you've been having severe sleep difficulties and this is probably just your body trying to recover. I am also taking zopiclone, and for about a month I was so anxious that they weren't really helping that much. Once I calmed down a bit I started sleeping almost 12 hours a night, and still needed to nap during the day! This lasted for 2 weeks since I had been so sleep deprived for so long. It will pass once you have given your body what it needs-some much deserved rest!
You also mention that you are trying to come off the zopiclone...so sleeping alot is a good thing,no? I am just starting my tapering regimen (1st night last night, so we'll see how I get on!), and could only wish to be able to sleep that much! Another member, Joe8 and I have started discussing zopiclone withrawl through PM, if you'd like to join in, send me a message and let me know. I definitely feel for you right now, I have been there. Hopefully we can all support each other through this!
Take care, and enjoy the sleep!


02-05-05, 21:16
Sleeping is natures healer, but also if you're taking a zopiclone at 3 am it will be having a slight effect well into the day


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02-05-05, 23:12
Hi There

I had major sleep deprivation last year and took zopiclone for a while but it didnt make me sleep hardly. I would wake up really early after going to sleep really late. Wish it had worked that well with me. If I were you I would exercise more and get your body tired so it will be more likely to sleep and also exercise releases endorphins which are good for you and the bodies natural relaxant. It is difficult as we become addicted to them and as we suffer from anxiety you panic about not being able to sleep if you dont take them. Again a catch 22. Good luck and I hope that you come off them soon.


02-05-05, 23:41

i too found sleep a problem, too much but not good sleep, semi sleep.......not awke but not relaxed if you know what i mean......but i did find excerise, a brisk walk really helped.

try to set a relastic gaol say get up by 9 and then staright up, in the shower then out for a walk, dont sit and dwell, a cold shower will soon make you feel less tired.

its hard i know but worth the effort.


05-05-05, 16:46
I am still researching sleep but you can get too much of it. I know it doesn't feel like it but they (the experts) tell you to get out of bed at the same time every day regardless of how tired you are and only go to bed when you are really tired and sleepy.

It is recommended that sleeping tablets should only be taken for up to one month and on consecutive days.

(I am going to move this topic Steve as it was a general post to all not just me).