View Full Version : Has anyone tried Zoloft after prozac not working?

26-07-08, 08:35

I was on Aropax (Seroxat in UK, Paxil in US) for 10 years for panic disorder and it worked brilliantly at first. After a few years the effectiveness seem to wear down (poop-out is the technical term I think :winks:) Anyway, hubby and I are thinking of starting a family and after two (spectaculary) failed attempts to get off the Aropax have accepted that I'd have to do it on some kind of med. So my psych doc tapered me onto Prozac which is considered safer in pregnancy. I've been on it for almost 3 months now and I feel constantly wired, like I've been drinking continuous coffee. I just can't relax. Psych has mentioned Zoloft, but I'm wondering if that is going to have me feeling the same. I was wondering if anyone had had success after Prozac didn't work?


01-08-08, 21:29
Hi Sprat!

Yes I have had success with Zoloft after trying Prozac. I guess it depends on the individual. My body could not tolerate Prozac though it helps many people. I was not one of them. Zoloft worked very well for me. It can't hurt to try. Hopefully you will feel better.

03-08-08, 03:12
Hello :)

I was on Prozac but not for too long as I am allergic to Prozac according to my doctor. Needless to say I went from Prozac to Zoloft and all went well. I was on Zoloft for approximently five years till it pooped out. I'm trying it again after a six year absent from it. It's a little difficult intially coping with the side effects but I'm hopeful all will work out once it levels off.

Good luck to you :flowers: