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26-07-08, 15:59
I'm due to have one of these next Sat and I'm really scared. The thought of swallowing a tube is freaking me especially as I have a very strong gag reflex. I have opted for sedation but i understand this only relaxes you not puts you to sleep.

Can some one tell me its not as bad as I'm imagining


26-07-08, 16:37
I had two endoscopies last year without sedation.Like you I dreaded it but in the event at worst I'd describe it as slightly uncomfortable. I'm sure with sedation you'll have no problems at all
All the best
:) :)

26-07-08, 21:15
Hi Joy, :hugs:

I have not had this done hun, but if you scroll to the bottom of this page, there are more threads about this.

My mum had this done and ohhh boy, was she scared, like you she chose sedation, do you know what she said when she came out, "ohh I don't know what I was soo scared for, it was fine".

I know its dame hard for you hun, but what you are fearing is the unknown, its only natral hun,:hugs: I think anyone would feel the same, even people who don;t suffer panic anxiety.

Please let us know how you get on hun



26-07-08, 21:30
Hi Joy

I have had 3 endoscopies in the last year,all with sedation. You are right they dont put you under like having an anaesthetic, but they do properly sedate you. I have no memory of having any of the scopes and I would have no problem going for another with sedation. Most endoscopy centre's use midazolam, which is a really nice drug as it is effective,fast acting, has amnesic properties so that you cannot remember anything, and has no hangover effect. Remember do not drive your car for 24 hrs after as you will not be insured. Tell the staff that you are nervous and they will do their best to put you at ease. I know because I worked in one for 35 years. Dont worry you will be fine.

27-07-08, 11:09
Thanks guys


Pink Panic
27-07-08, 11:23
Hi Joy,

Sorry i can't be of any help as i have never had this done but just wanted to say that i hope it all goes ok for you hun and send you a hug. :hugs:


27-07-08, 17:43
Thanks pink

27-07-08, 18:37

Good luck with it - I think I would be very scared too as I would not want the sedation as that would freak me out as well.

Hope it goes ok for you.

27-07-08, 20:54
Good luck with this, I had one of these done myself about 6 years ago now. I was sedated, and I believe I actually fell asleep because I was so tired! One minute I'm counting to 10 the next the nurse is waking me up to ask if I want a cup of tea and something to eat.

You'll be fine :)

29-07-08, 12:26
I have had an endoscopy before. Sedation scared me more than the real thing and it was not that bad, just a tiny bit uncomfortable. In fact the results changed my whole outlook on my illness. I found out that my problems were caused less by anxiety and more from physical problems. Not everything is down to anxiety!!!!!!


29-07-08, 16:28
Hi Jill,

I had this done along with a colonoscopy, yikes!!! I was not put to sleep but sedated and as they were sedating me they sprayed my throat with a numbing spray as they were going to do this procedure first. I felt nothing and the next day had maybe a slight sore throat. After that nothing at all, no memory of either procedure. You will do fine.

Many hugs,


29-07-08, 17:44
well I hope all the positive talk comes true. having anxiety without any stressors is bad enough without all this. Last Thurs i had a knee op to repair a torn cartilidge, today an ultra sound to check for gallstones which it looks like I havent got. my anxiety is getting a battering and is hitting the roof


29-07-08, 17:52
:hugs: Joy,

You are having a rough time aren't you? It is always difficult to have physical issues along with anxiety. I hope it ends soon and you can recover. Glad to hear the news on the gallstones.

Please take care,

Laura xxx

29-07-08, 18:46
Hi Joy, I know im a newbie here but I can honestly say having had three scopes all with sedation I remember nothing of the actual procedure and even though Im a really panicky person I would have another with relative ease with sedation of course. good luck and take care. Stevie

thoughts and actions
30-07-08, 15:43
Hi Joy

I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy done on the same day in April. I was given the option to be sedated and to be honest i had to take it as i knew if i didnt as soon as i saw that tube thing i would have ran and ran and ran.

Like you I was so scared, but it was absoloutly fine- the doctor was fantastic - he gave me the sedation stuff through my hand and it was the best feeling in the world- if they sold that stuff in bottles my anxiety would be cured haha. He also sprayed the back of my throat with stuff that tasted like banana (by this time i was half gone so it could have tasted like anything) and that stopped your gag reflexes working so its so much easier for the tube (you also then dont have any pain after it as everything has been numbed) i went private through work so not sure if NHS do the spray but i would ask them??

hope all goes well.


30-07-08, 18:28
Thanks everyone


Still ever so scared

02-08-08, 00:15
I was scared, too, and it wasn't pleasant, but it was soo much quicker than I thought it was going to be. the actual tube in throat only lasted about 90 seconds!! They only sprayed me, not really given a sedation option, but it was ok. i didn't see any of the equipment they used - it was all quite discretely out of view, so didn't have any horrible jumping off bed moments! the nurses were really nice and reassuring too. my throat was a bit sore afterwards, but nothing too bad. You will be ok!

02-08-08, 00:54
Good news on the gallstones as believe me id rather have a week long labour and numerous endoscopys.

I chose not to be sedated as I needed to be able to drive, just had the throat spray, No it isnt pleasant this way but like has been said its over with quickly and the staff were supurb to say the least at trying to keep me calm, which helped enormously. When it was over I wondered why I had stressed so much about it, if you are going to be sedated anyway it sounds like its alot easier, hope all goes well for you x x

Oh I did have a sore throat the next day and my stomach felt a bit sore but that was it.

02-08-08, 09:22
I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy and was sedated. Beforehand I was absolutely petrified of being sedated. However it turned out ok, in fact it was was quite a nice sleepy sensation but I could still hold a conversation with the nurses. The procedure was really quick and I was back in a side room having a snooze in no time.
Although I recovered quickly from the sedation I did feel quite tired during the evening so I would say take it quietly after you get home.

good luck, I sure you will be fine


02-08-08, 16:38
Well I had it done and as everyone said it wasnt as bad as i thought altho unpleasant. the sedation didnt seem to work that well and I only slept when i got home!
Anyway nothing sinister was found

Thanks for all the postings and encouragement

Love Joy

02-08-08, 23:44
Really good to hear you had it done and it wasnt as bad as you thought... I was the same for the last week or two worrying about having a sigmoidoscopy (well thats what the leaflet calls it :blush: ) but I would guess pretty much the same as a colonoscopy in the way its done.(just guessing no medical expert). The staff (NHS) were fantastic, after I had mentioned Im likely to be a bit panicy if I get hot, 463 times lol. Before I knew it,it was tea and toast with a couple of old ladies discussing the previous preceadings..(still slightly sedated I felt I was in an acorn antiques scetch)..

Now..if I could only be so confident in a dentist...

09-08-08, 17:09
Just caught up with the good news on the endoscopy
glad everything went well