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27-07-08, 22:42
hi all i have just had an upper endoscopy tube up the nose and down the back of the throat but because i got such a scare getting it done i have been worried about eating evr since and when i do eat after it goes down i still feel like theres something behind my throat that an en endoscopy has ruled out anything going on im constant swallowing so i do not no if thats causing the feeling or whether maybe im tensing muscles in throat too any advice is appreciated

27-07-08, 22:45
The camera can irritate your throat and leave it annoyed for a few days so wouldn't worry about that - plus the more you worry the more tense your throat will become - think of how your throat feels if you stop yourself crying when you want to.

Glad all is okay

28-07-08, 12:17
Joyce you posted this before. I thought you'd gone into labour anyway?