View Full Version : should i be feeling better by now

31-07-08, 13:05
I am on day 18 on paroxetine the side effects have passed but i feel the same as i did beforetaking them.

should i give it more time or see the doc to up my dosage?

31-07-08, 13:09
Give it a little longer,at least a month.If you feel the same see your gp,you may need a higher dose.They start you on a low dose and then gradually put you up.:hugs:

14-01-09, 21:44
I would say give it a bit longer. It was like that for me as well. I considered asking to go up to 30mg/day but stuck to 20mg/day and was alright.

19-03-09, 11:13
Hi Ray 1973

Could you tell me what side effects you had in the beggining as I have just started on these for anxiety, its only my 2nd day. I am feeling pretty low at the moment and dizzy all the time.
Look forward to your reply.

Sharon :)

31-03-09, 23:58
I Have Been On Them Longer. Never Got Side Effetcs At All And There Going Nothing For Me Gggrrrrrr