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01-08-08, 09:04
hi all,im new to this site, i have been taking seroxat for 2 years now,and i have tried to come off this twice thinking that it wasnt working what a big mistake that was,the 1st time i tried was in march last year well by june i was having twitches,palpatations,i was slurring my speach for a full week which frightened the life out of me plus other symptoms,so i decided to go back on it still on 20mg,anyway about a week and half ago i forgot to put my prescrition in and it ended up been over a week till i could take my next tablet,well i have been crying over anything i have neck twitches i have been aggressive to my partner i have been drunk nearly every day,so yesterday my prescription was ready so when i got out the chemists with it i decided i would up the dose to 40mg by taking 2 tablets,(9am)well i got home and it knocked me for six i had to lay down i had no energy,my 2 sons kept asking me what was wrong,it took till 4pm for this to wear off.so now ive got up today and just took 1 tablet,and i feel like s***e i feel sick,i want to up my dosage but i dont know what to do,should i maybe try 30mg instead of jumping straight to 40mg,the reason i want to up it is that ive been on it 2yrs and i still feel depressed and down most days,i was shocked how it knocked me out yesterday it took about 2hours from me going shopping then coming home and i couldnt move off the sofa, does anyone have any advice for me,thanks for listening, michelle x

01-08-08, 09:39
Sorry to hear you're feeling so terrible, I know what it's like, I've been through this before whilst weaning myself off Paroxetine afew years back, and I also felt just so terrible. I had such a bad experience I needed to be taken to hospital for two weeks. I won't mention the effect it had on me, because I don't want to scare people who are currently taking this medication. This was just my own experience, not everybody is the same.

I think Paroxetine is one of those medications that has to be taken with real care. They must be cut down very slowly.

I was inpatient and I suppose I paid that price, but I do feel that despite this, Paroxetine or any other drug similar should not have such terrible strong side effects. Personally, I feel that it should be banned. But that's just my own opinion.

I believe that you need to be really careful now, and make the decision with your doctor. I think it would be best for you to make an emergency appointment with your GP and discuss what dosage is safe for you to currently take, and then talk about what should happen from there.

If I remember rightly, Paroxetine is a drug that only works first time round. Taken at another stage, it doesn't work. So, I think that now your body is trying to adapt, but it's a potent med and this should be done with care.

I feel for you right now, I really do, it's a horrible, scary situation to be in and can make people feel just so very ill, both with nasty physcial and mental side effects.

Make that appointment and take things very slow, it's worth that time.

Hoping you feel better soon.:bighug1: xx

01-08-08, 11:33
hi thanks for your reply,i have just got in from shopping and i was in a world of my own i was shaking handing the money over to the cashiers i felt so stupid,then i was talking to myself i knew i was doing it, i think what you said is right i should really go see my gp if i want to up the dose,i was just going to do it myself by cutting a tablet in half,i rang my mam this morning and she said i should just stick to what i was taking and not try to do it myself without talking to gp,the thing is it took me 16 yrs to go to the docs to tell him i was depressed,(im 35)ive had 2 boys and life seemed like a nightmare so i finally went to the docs and broke down he was quite shocked actually,id been to him 2yrs previous but all he told me to do was get out more,i have actually been on seroxat for 3yrs this october on 20mg,one things for sure im never gonna miss my presription again. thanks again and take care,michelle x

01-08-08, 18:29
Hi Shelly

I was on this for 6 yrs, and katie is right you need to do come off it soo slowly. I think its a great drug but because of its short half life it will affect you even if you miss 2 doses so you will feel awful after a week my love. Do you have any in the house? maybe phone nhs 24 or your gp emergency line if not and explain. I would go back on 20 mg a day then go back to your gp and start a proper withdrawal

lots of love

nicky xxxxxxxx

01-08-08, 19:20
hi nicky its not that i want to come off seroxat its only because i couldnt get my prescription so i didnt take a pill for a week and half nearly,what i wanted to do was up my dosage,but after my episode yesterday i think ill stick to 20mg, ive glad ive got someone to talk to on here,my partner understands and he sees the change in me and is always there for me but its soo nice to talk to other ppl who use this pill,
well its 7pm and im feeling great my brother is getting married at 11 am in morning so my mind has been buzzing what with buying suits for my 2 gorgeous boys 7&16 and my outfits for day and night (hic hic!!) really did need some good chat thanks guys u have all been great and chat to me anytime, take care michelle xx

01-08-08, 19:29
shelly im so sorry,

my concentration is terrible so i skimmed your post and missed half of it - i see you have your pills now - hope you are feeling much better and congrats for tomorrow

lots of love

02-08-08, 16:03
hi nicky,yes i do feel a lot better today,ive just got home from my brothers wedding,and am just resting getting ready to go to the night do at 7pm,hope your having nice weekend tc michelle x