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04-08-08, 16:55

I've been taking 40mg Propranolol approximately 3 times daily for around 2 months, mainly while I'm at work!

I have gained about 6lbs in this space of time and I feel it maybe the Propranolol!

I understand Propranolol can make you feel drowsy or sluggish but I've made a concious effort not to laze around at home when I finish work!

Has anyone else noticed they have gained weight and is this a side effect?

Its really helped my anxiety but I'm not too happy about gaining weight!!


Cathy V
04-08-08, 17:20
Hi there....and yes im afraid this happened to me too. Apparently most betablockers do this as they slow the system down. A pharmacist once said that they dont increase weight but make it difficult to lose it once gained, but like you, i put on weight quite quickly after taking them, and unfortunately it went on increasing and i gained 2st in a year. I still take them as they help my blood pressure and migraines, and thankfully the weight gain seems to have slowed, but no matter how much i try to lose it and eat sensibly i cant seem to shift it.

Be interesting to hear from other members who have the same problem.

Best wishes
cathy xxx

04-08-08, 22:18
I've noticed it too, especially in the boob area :ohmy: lol! But i'm not complaining, i've always wanted a bit more weight on me.


05-08-08, 16:08
i didnt know that i take 40mg 3 times a day i just thought it was cos i dont eat very well.

20-08-08, 13:39
I find Propranolol a very good medication, better than SSRIs. But sadly, yes, I have gained about 8-10 pounds but I'm still a normal weight and it doesn't seem to be increasing. I am going to stay on Propranolol but cut my calories to about 1500 a day.

13-11-08, 02:21
sounds pretty good for me... i need to put on some extra weight :)

i used to be under 7 stone :scared15: but now i'm around 8 stone 6.....wouldn't mind a little extra but feel like i will lose a bit first while i try get over this bout of anxiety......dont have much appetite at all :sad:

30-11-08, 13:47
Same here, im on 40mg x3 a day too.

I've only been on it for about a month and I've gained over half a stone! I've got to the point now where I'm thinking to stop the Propranolol all together. Like you, I'd hate to suffer anxiety but i hate gaining weight too!! Its a hard choice to make isnt it! :wacko:

If you have a good relationship with your Dr - maybe you could raise your concerns and see what else is available that helps with anxiety, but without the weight gain as a side effect? :shrug:

I also suffer with swollen ankles too - has anyone else?? :unsure:

Take care,
xXx xXx xXx

28-01-09, 20:55
i was taking 10mg once a day in the mornings and had no weight gain however last week my doctor gave me 40mg to try, and i have felt really bloated since then!! didnt consider it might be the propranolol until i read this thread.

No Imagination
30-01-09, 16:44

I started on 80mg time release late in 2007. At first I made an effort to do exercise every day, which to be honest I hadn't been doing for the previous couple of years mostly due to the problems I have. Gradually I've reduced my dose to 20mg per day. I'd never been overweight in my life as I've always played a lot of sport and I don't eat huge amounts but over the course of last year I gained almost three stone in. In my opinion this was mostly down to me overeating on rubbish and stopping the regular exercise after a couple of months rather than a side affect of the meds. In August last year I'd had enough so I started my own diet - nothing flash I just cut out all of the fat, basically eating a lot of salads, fruit and veg, fish etc. By Christmas I'd lost two and a half stone so my thinking is that the meds certainly in my case didn't cause the weight gain and also that getting the weight off isn't that hard really.

13-05-09, 21:15
I started propranolol about 5 years ago for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was always big but now im huge, eating about 1000-1500 cals a day and exercising 4 times a week and am not losing any wieght. ive been doing it now for about 6 months and ive lost 3 pounds. stopped putting it on but thats no consillation. i get married in 18months and i dont want to look like this on the pics but the idea of going back to how i was before i started taking the tablets scares me to death. anybody got any good advice or ideas im on 180 mg slow release.