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06-08-08, 15:52
hi all

changing from seoxat to clomipramine since 3 weeks ago , now down to 10mg from 40mg of seroxat and up to 100mg from 50mg of clomipramine...............

5mg of seroxat as from this friday 8/8. thinking bout cold turkey after that...

any thoughts


milly jones
06-08-08, 16:14
do as ur gp suggests hunny, please

milly xx

12-08-08, 13:53
Don't go cold turkey it's horrible and you often lose the plot and end up on a higher dose! Get the liquid and cut down by 25% of the dose every 3 weeks until you are off it completely. Doctors advice is often rubbish, i asked a prescribing advisor who understands the chemical action of the drug.

13-08-08, 15:05
I also would not go cold turkey. Go off this med very slowly and always by your GP's advice. Good luck.

Take care,


13-08-08, 19:16
Please take everyones advice and wean off your tablets as cold turkey is an awful thing hun.
Take care
:hugs: :hugs:

14-08-08, 14:10
hi all

thanks for replies.

GPsays 5mg for week then 2.5mg for week then 2.5 mg every other day for 2 weeks then stop.

im currently taking 100mg of clomipramine for last 4 weeks so hoping this will help me with w/drawal...