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12-08-08, 10:17
Hi all,

I have never got treatment for my anxiety before and have no idea what the costs are involved in getting CBT etc.... Can anyone tell me if any treatments are available through the NHS? Or if not how much does therapy cost?


12-08-08, 10:27

I have been reffered to CBT by my GP on the NHS

I don't know if it is common practise throughout the UK though
To get my referral I had to see a councellor within the practise

Hope that helps


12-08-08, 10:36
You usually get referred for CBT or other types of therapy through your GP. It will depend what is available and how things work in your area so it might be that you are referred to a Counsellor for an assessment or to a centre that would decide what sort of CBT is right for you. The waiting list/time is much more of an issue as NHS therapy is free.

12-08-08, 14:17
Hi Ruby Red

You certainly can get CBT on the NHS. Everybody throughout the country is allowed 10 free sessions with a councillor once in their lives. Also the NHS do free group sessions bookable through your Gp. I have just attended both Stress and Worry CBT sessions and they were very good. Their is no limit to these courses, you can repeat them as neccesary and they are always adding new ones. There are some good books available at Waterstones or on line. They are the overcoming anxiety or depression and low mood books written by Chris Williams A five areas approach publisher Hodder Arnold.
These books are basically the same that the NHS uses so they are good precourse reading material and give you a good ideal how CBT works.
All the best

13-08-08, 16:26
I have begged and begged my doctor to refer me for CBT but he said he didnt know anyone who did it on the NHS. A few weeks ago i asked again and he said he would make an appointment for me to see a councillor and it would be him who would decide. My assesment was only meant to be 30mins but i was in there 1hour and 15mins! He was slightly younger than me (im 32) and for most of that time we kind of flirted with each other (seriously!), anyways, he said i didnt need CBT or any other treatment. I was gutted and told him i think its what im really needing but he wouldnt budge on his decision.

If i was to pay private, the few i rang up said they charged 100 pound an hour. (sorry my pound sign isnt working)