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12-08-08, 22:54
Hiya every1 ... Could you tell me what Diazepam does when using it .
the reason I ask is my doc gave it me only 2 take when I have a really bad time like a few weeks ago..but I havent taken it as not been that bad.

However I am maid of honour in Nov and I suffer panic disorder and currently agoraphobia ......if I took 1 on day of the wedding would it help me relax or would it not work straight away .....also would I be tired and out of it as doc said it could make me very sleepy .

When i sed yes 2 being maid of honour I was beginning of last year I was but now its getting closer its really worrying me .

thanx for reading
and best wishes to you all x
Titch xxxxxxx

12-08-08, 23:15
Hi Titch,
Yes it will help you relax right away , well usually within 30 minutes of taking it anyway and the effect will last for 4 to 7 hours.
They can make you slightly sleepy depending on the dosage, I take 2mg and it doesn't make me sleepy at all, I guess a 5mg tablet might.

I hope you enjoy the day.
Best wishes

12-08-08, 23:16
Hi titchjd

Diazepam is just a muscle relaxant. It's ideal for occasional use, but not recommended for long term use. The effect it as on you depends on what strength the tablet is and how many you take. The usual dose these days is 2mg which is not a very high dose. The usual time for the tablet to take effect is about 15 minutes and they work for up to a couple of hours. I don't think taking 2mg will make you sleepy but be careful if you have a tipple or two.


12-08-08, 23:21
Hey titchjd

I too was given diazepam 5mg to take when my panic was at its worse. I did use a couple when i needed to and they definately calm you down. I had no other side effects other than being a wee bit tired the next day (took one at night) I dont tend to use them now as my panic is under control but its nice to know that if i needed to i could take one and it would work.

Enjoy the wedding in the knowledge that diazepam definately works but should only be used as a short term relief from your panic.

Robert :)

13-08-08, 00:33
Thank you all so much for your replies it has helped me a great deal they are 2mg tablets .
i have been realy worried about the wedding as im agro at mo so going 2 something so big and leaving the house frightens me ..but hopefully by nov i will have conquered my agro just worry about my panic .

thank u all again and I wish u all best wishes xxxxxxxxxxx

13-08-08, 00:38
hiya titch u know u can talk to me about the wedding anytime mate and i bet u will be fine, just take little steps working towards feeling able to be bridesmaid, then u can post us a pic of u in nov and in your dress looking dead happy hun xx

13-08-08, 00:47
Thanx donna ......my m8 so wants me 2 be happy and enjoying myself and 2 have a makeova as i dont do stuff like that anymore .but shes worried I wont beable 2 cope ...lets hope i post my pics in Nov xxxxxthanx hun xxx

13-08-08, 00:47
mind u doesnt help shes a size 6 /8 lol x

13-08-08, 10:25
aww titch i think we all feel like that about ourselves, people tell me oh you are lovely pretty slim etc but i dont really believe them and i hate posting my pics but i bet u will make a lovely bridesmaid xx ps have a good day u and dont let the rain stop you lol xx