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12-08-08, 22:54
Hi all

I have been alerted recently to some very bizarre posts on here and sometimes posts that seem totally out of context on the thread.

It seems that we are getting some spambots on here:

Forum spambots surf the web, looking for guestbooks, wikis, blogs, forums and any other web forms to submit spam links to the web forms it finds. These spambots often use OCR technology to bypass CAPTCHAs present. Some spam messages are targeted towards readers and can involve techniques of target marketing or even phishing, making it hard to tell real posts from the bot generated ones. Not all of the spam posts are meant for the readers; some spam messages are simply hyperlinks intended to boost search engine ranking.

The admins and some very helpful members are alerting us to these "odd" posts and we are removing the posts and banning the user.

If you notice any strange replies to posts then please let me know - you can post the username or thread here and we will look into it.

Sometimes the admins will miss them but as a collective I am sure we can spot them.

We have introduced some stricter registration today to try and combat this but please let us know if you spot a reply that stands out or seems out of place.

Many thanks

13-08-08, 07:01
thanks nic

will let you know if i see anything odd:wacko:

jodie xx

13-08-08, 20:07

Crap posts again, obviously trying to get us to click on the link. :mad: .

Any chance of getting rid of this moron permanently?