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09-05-05, 15:51

I was in an MRI scan of the brain. The result was that everything's ok. Does anyone know what an MRI scan detects? I know brain tumors, what else? Can I really stop worrying about having blood clots or something in my brain now?

09-05-05, 16:11
hello Kroko,

I think the MRI scan can spot pretty much any abnormality in the brain. If you had a blot clot, I think it would have picked up on it. Great news that your results were ok!!

Sarah :D

09-05-05, 16:21
Hi Kroko,
how fantastic, what great news. Now you must be guided by this, if there were any problems, it would certainly have been picked up on the scan. Now you must try to relax a little (easier said than done, i know) take things easy and please trust the scan and the medical staff, they are not wrong. take care and keep in touch. xxx

09-05-05, 17:15
Hi kroko

if there was anything abnormal they would have told you it is amazing what they can pick up

you have the all clear so be pleased about it and relax xxx

kairen x

09-05-05, 18:48
Hi Kroko

That is positive news and i hope it will relieve some of your anxiety regarding health issues.

Love Sal xx

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09-05-05, 20:24
Hi Kroko,

Im on a waiting list for an MRI scan.

I think they can detect almost anything, so as the results have come back clear for you, then I wouldnt worry at all!

Glad it went ok

Tatty B xx

09-05-05, 20:24
Hi Kroko

Good news about your MRI results. I think too that it can detect pretty much everything.
Don't worry about your brain, its all fine . :)


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