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14-08-08, 10:19
I was reading a bit of info on the internet about Buspar and it seems to be a good Non addictive alternative to Diazepam for anxiety.
Has anyone tried it and is it any good ?

I've used the NMP search but nothing specific comes up .


Cathy V
14-08-08, 11:16
Hi decca, ive heard about this med, and it would be interesting to know how well it works coz im desperate to come off betablockers and take alternative meds for my high bp, but i know my anxiety levels will soar from withdrawal of the betablockers, coz they act like a tranquiliser on the body, and to be able to take something thats non-addictive to combat the anx for a while would be great. So i'll def be following this thread :) xxxx

18-01-09, 06:25
I tried Buspar (only 7.5 mg) and I had horrible side effects. It made me dizzy, my head heavy, and made me want to have a panic attack. I of course didn't take any more and my doctor said that since my body is so sensitive to any drug it wasn't the right one for me.

She also told me that Buspar has mixed results only working for about 50% of patients.

18-01-09, 06:58
I took it along with Effexor and I had no side effects whatsoever. I didn't notice any positive effects, but at least it didn't make anything worse. I had zero effects and that's rare for me. I'd try it again. Maybe my dose wasn't high enough.

22-01-09, 23:14
Buspar takes quite a long time to work - usually much longer than even some anti-depressants and when it does work the benefit is very small. I think the reason for this is so it can't be abused like other anti-anxiety medications. Also buspar is used to augment other medications such as SSRI's to make them more effective.

In terms of side-effects, all I got was a dry mouth, nothing major.

26-01-09, 12:02
Hi everyone I am new to this site, though i am desperate for some anwsers.
I have been taking 2.5mg of buspar once in the morning and another at night for only one week and even though i have been experiencing some side effects nothing much. Though today I feel totally crap and anxiety is unbearable. Does this mean i should increas dosage. Anyone know?

28-01-09, 20:52
i have been taking buspar 10 mg 3 times daily for about 4 weeks now, and they have really helped me. i take a 10mg propranolol beta blocker alongside it once when i wake up.all of my symptoms of anxiety have been relieved, including nausea, weakness in the arms, not breathing properly, stomach churning. on days i feel particularly anxious i increase my dose to 2 when i wake up then 2 throughout the rest of the day and this helps.