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18-08-08, 08:45
have done a search for any posts on here regarding CBT, but it comes up blank :-)

so question:

is CBt useful and does it work? what's your opinion on it?

18-08-08, 13:26
I elanna,

I'm currently on my 8th out of 10 sessions I have got through the NHS, I can't speak for anyone but myself but do feel that the CBT has helped.

I did a lot of reading around about my panic and anxiety before hand but having someone actually sit there, face to face and explain all the body reactions and things really helped. It also helped to have someone listen to me who isn't a little baffled and confused by me questionning my mortality whenever I enter an enclosed space or watch a scary film.

I think some people find it useful and others don't, just like anything. However, it has definately helped me on my way. My therapist will do stuff with me - I couldn't go in shopping mall so we tried together, can't get on trains so that is the next one.

Ultimately I know it is me doing these things but I think having CBT instilled a little confidence that I didn't have in myself. Hope this is of use.

18-08-08, 17:03
i have a book on CBT i find it helpful

18-08-08, 17:21
Hi Ellana,

I've had 3 seperate courses of CBT therapy and I have to say it didn't help me much at all, but I think it depends on what is causing your panic, the kind of personality you have and how much insight you already have into the way you behave. Clinically it has been proven to be the quickest and most effective form of therapy for panic attacks and OCD, so if you haven't already tried it it's definitely worth a go.

It basically desensitizes you to your own fear reactions, so you don't react in certain ways when you feel the beginnings of panic and that can be really useful in overcoming panic attacks long term. It's definitely not an easy option though and you have to be really motivated to do the homework they set.

You should be able to get this type of therapy on the NHS too


18-08-08, 17:32
Hiya I have read a CBT book and Im currently having CBT with my counsillor and I do think it will be very helpfull.
It isnt a miracle cure but with your hard work and determination it does work ...Its all about changing the way you think and understanding what his happening 2 you during an attack .

I would recommend you give it a go x

good luck
Titch xxx

18-08-08, 18:59
:) yes it has helped me, even if you dont actually change the way you are, you can change the way you feel about yourself - i am still anxious but cbt has taught me to accept myself:yesyes:

18-08-08, 19:38
have done a search for any posts on here regarding CBT, but it comes up blank :-)

Thanks for pointing this out :D

It is because it wants a minimum word length of 4 characters so if you put "cbt help" you would find some posts.

We will fix this at the weekend as it will have to completely re-index the site to do it and it will kill the forum.

I had CBT for my driving problems and yes it helped me immensely.

milly jones
18-08-08, 20:09
i think cbt works if u have behaioural problems that need changing. this helped me greatly with going back to work, going into shops etc. it allows progressive steps to help face ur fears.

the bit it hasnt helped is the emotional difficulties from low esteem and repressed emotions from problems in my past that have caused depression and anx. this is harder for me to shift.

one thing i would say is that its effeciency depends on u putting 110% into it. loads of record keeping and reflection. and an open mind intially. if u think its not going to work, then it wont.

there are some cbt programmes on the web

moodgym and livinglifetothefull

both ive used supplementing my cbt sessions

milly xxxxx

19-08-08, 20:18

I find it works well for a couple of days after the appointment but then I feel as though I am back to square one, I cant say it hasnt helped at all because it has helped put a lot of things into perspective and I have found that I can deal with certain situations a lot better but on the whole I havent found it has helped a great deal.

I guess it may work well for some and not for others.

20-08-08, 11:57
:) you just have to keep using it - every time you have a situation that makes you anxious you have to use what youve learnt from you cbt sessions - you have to use it like you would take medication yo have to keep at it. i am having a situation now that is making me anxious, but i ahve to go back to the principles of cbt and i get relief. it does work, but only if you do it!