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20-08-08, 13:46
I find if I take my 40mg dose of Propranolol I am fine. But a particularly stressful event came along and I checked the box. It says "as needed" so I thought I'd take two instead of one tablet, so 80mg. This is only about half what people often take for other Propranolol uses so I assumed it would be OK.

I found my anxiety ramped up really high, much higher than I would expect it to have been on 40mg. It was almost like I hadn't taken it at all.

Has anybody else noticed this? I will stick to my 40mg, but if anyone knows why this might be or has experienced it too?

20-08-08, 14:04
Hi INtense

I used to take propranalol I was on 40 mg three times a day. On the odd occassion I did take 80 at one time if I was particularly stressed. and it did the trick. Is it possible that sub consciously you were more worried about taking the higher dose and this is what kicked off the anxiety?

Pooh xx

20-08-08, 14:12
Hiya Pooh.

I wondered if it was psychological but I felt awfully shaky as well, like my hands. Propranolol can contract the airway a little bit so maybe I subconsciously felt like I couldn't breathe at that dosage. I will probably stick to 40 though because that seems to do nicely - even in high stress presentations!!!!!

06-09-08, 21:54
When you take prop at a much higher dose than you are used to it can make you feel awfull i went from 10mg to 60mg overnight once and it was a nigthmare my main prob was feeling violently ill for two-four days till I got used to it

18-03-10, 13:31
i have just started taking this today, it has on it one tablet 40mg once a day, but my doctor says i can take up to 3 a day if required

26-03-10, 05:03
i started on 10mg as and when needed upto 3 times a day but my panic attacks started to get worse as thye were having no effect, so the doc bumped me upto 40mg to be taken 3 times a day. i started taking them on tuesday but i only take them when i feel the need and the pharmacy said i can still be on the 10mg ones until they run out so what i tend to do is if im having small panic attack i take 10mg and if having a big one i take 40mg dunno if im doing right but it works for me. And also having a bit of a break from everything, helps too as stress can be a factor aswell as caffeine :) and other factors

03-05-11, 13:44
I didn't realise I could take more than 1 a day! I so needed to :O

05-06-11, 19:59
Hi I've been on 40mg for nearly a month because of tachycardia and anxiety but still getting a little bit of pounding so my doctor said to increase to 60mg see how I feel then 80mg, been taking 40 in the morning and 20 at night and I'm starting to feel rubbish again!!! Anyone else had this? Just feel like my heart in pounding 24/7 since I started in the extra 20! Should I bump it up to 80mg see if that helps? I'm desperate x

05-06-11, 20:10
just a quick reply about proprananolol...i took this when i started with PAs over 20 years ago...it led me to developing Raynauds disease which is a side effect from propranolol when taken for a long period of time...please have regular check ups at your g.p's especially if you have bad circulation.

02-10-17, 07:15
I have been on Propranolol 10 mg a day now for a month and I am starting to feel like my old self. I have been exercising more and seeing a therapist also, but I think this drug made me functional again. It has been a lifesaver.
http://tilliginm.net/dimg/propdos.jpg (http://tilliginm.net/r/propranolol)

06-10-17, 15:03
I started this med a week ago and it's been awful as far as side effects go. I've had a constant headache (everyday), so the doctor has told me to come off of them. Have any of you experienced this? Maybe this isn't the med for me..... If I can't function on them, then it's not the drug for me. I work full time and have a family to take care of--- as well as myself!:ohmy:

12-10-17, 11:52
I know this is an old thread but wondered if you had found which dose best suited? I was on 40 mg as and when needed and have increased to 80mg Half beta prograne sustained release but not felt as though I had taken anything.

12-10-17, 15:02
I currently take 30mg twice a day so 60mg in total. This has recently been upp'd from 20mg twice a day as my anxiety is off the scale at the moment. It hasn't really made much difference. I guess it's just taking the edge of it.

I used to take the 80mg sustained release ones when my anxiety was first bad and they worked a treat. I think it's trial and error with the dosage. I think as the sustained released ones are a gradual release so you only get a bit of it during the day whereas you get the full effects of the dosage when you take the other type.

12-10-17, 15:14
I stopped taking it after 8 days and my headaches are gone. It helped a bit with lowering my heart rate (which made me feel better), but other than that, I felt no sense of calmness. I was so sluggish and couldn't work out. I also gained about 7 pounds in the 8 days I was taking it. I was eating like crap and not running. I love running, so cannot take these beta blockers. If I can't run, then the med is not for me. I NEED exercise to bring me those happy feelings!

12-10-17, 15:41
Thanks Carrera74 - I take it for nerves, silly really as get nervous at work when being watched, all in the mind, if only I could control it :huh: - hence the slow release not noticed working. Any tips on controlling the shaking hands and voice would be soooo welcome.

Ethansmom I have been eating and eating since taking it, have put on half a stone in a month and need to lose it quickly, any tips?

Thank you[COLOR="blue"]