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13-05-05, 11:08
Well, it's been a few days since I've posted on this forum. The last few weeks have been a mixture of emotions, ups, and downs. Ok, here goes: two weeks ago, I really hit rock bottom at work. I called my doctor and she prescribed me a week of sick leave. Part of that week, I spent by the sea, making long walks, and having big problems eating. I also got some Alpraz, which are basically anti-panic pills.

On Monday, I needed one of those pills, as I felt way too anxious during the morning. My current inability to eat well weakens me, making me more vulnerable. However, I've also started some biorelaxation exercises and they really seem to help. I was really tired yesterday, having to work an early shift and not having slept well, but I managed to work my way through it without the Alpraz. I seem to be getting better at doing breathing exercises, and relaxing my muscles comes more easily as well. Eating seems to be improving too, so I'm really happy with the progress I'm making. This morning I was calm for most of the time, which is a major improvement over the last few weeks. I feel like I'm finally beginning to beat this thing.

Now, If you've read my previous posts, you'll know there's this girl I really like. Actually, I'm totally in love with her. She lives in England, but we keep regular contact with e-mail. My god, she's so amazing. I mailed her two weeks ago, explaining my eating problems and anxiety, and she was totally ok with that. In fact, she is also in love with me!! :) :) :) So I'm sooooooooooooo happy now. I brought up the courage to give her a call last week and it was the best phonecall of my life! We're phoning each other regularly now, and I'm finally seeing her again this Sunday. I get really nervous about it, but it's "good" nerves. It's the exiting kind, not the fearful kind.


13-05-05, 12:01
Awww Roscoe, congratulations on your "mutual" love! I'm sure that'll be a boost for your already great progression! Keep up the good work and all the best for Sunday!

Best Wishes,


13-05-05, 12:24
Wohoooooooooooooooo is right Roscoe! Hope you have a fantastic time on Sunday!

Take care,

13-05-05, 12:25
Lovely that everything is progressing in the right way.
Love Piglet

13-05-05, 12:50
Thanks all. I'm just so exited I needed to write this down somewhere. :) Sunday will be the best day of my life. :) :)

13-05-05, 13:46
Hi Roscoe,

great to hear your doing so well, hope sunday goes really well for you
good luck take care and keep us updated

kairen x

13-05-05, 14:03
Great news!!!!! :D

13-05-05, 14:07

Lovely to hear you sounding so much happier and making positive steps to help yourself.. and seeing the benefits as well

Have a wonderful weekend.


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13-05-05, 14:46
Hi Roscoe,
So happy to hear things are going so well, you are working hard and it's paying off, so glad you made that phone call, have a wonderful time on sunday, and keep us posted! xxxxx

13-05-05, 20:08
Great news Roscoe

I hope you have a fab day together and really hit it off

Well done for all the progress!


13-05-05, 23:12
Hope you have a great time Roscoe.


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14-05-05, 13:21
Hi Roscoe

Glad to know you feel happier.
Have a great day on Sunday !! :)


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