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13-05-05, 17:16
Not sure if this is 100% natural but anyway.......

I have been reading a book called "healing without freud or prozac" which is very good by the way. The author gives a few examples of how fish oils (omega 3) have helped people with anxiety and depresion. I'm sure they have been mentioned on here a few times before but I just wanted to let you know how I got on with them personally. I wanted to start straight away so I went to Holland and Barrett bought the highest strength possible (cost 9 for 100 tablets), I take one tablet 3 times a day and since I have been I haven't had a single symptom!! I have also been in situations where normally anxiety would take over but not even a hint of it. I'm not sure how long this will last but i'm enjoying it while it does and I would recommend it to anyone with anxiety and or depression if they havent tried it already. Omega 3's also have great benefits with regards to your heart and circulation.

13-05-05, 17:28
[Wow!] how great is that!! I take Cod Liver oil in the mornings but haven't noticed an effect that positive. Maybe I should go out and buy the expensive stuff!! :D

13-05-05, 17:43
You definitely should, it may be a bit more expensive but the benefits have been amazing!

13-05-05, 18:01
yeah i will definitely give it a go!! how long have u been taking them for? :D

13-05-05, 18:05
For a week now, but I do get symptoms every day usually so I can only put it down to fish oils

13-05-05, 18:40
Wow thats faster than any antidepresant they can take 2 months to work, Is omega 3 cod liver oil? Will try it too thanks

13-05-05, 18:44
Its not cod liver oil, mine were from Holland and Barrett, EPA Fish Oil 1200mg. There are a lot of Fish Oils available the most important ingredient you need is EPA, a lot of them have DHA which doesnt really help anxiety its more for the heart and circualtion. These are the ones I am on


I believe there will be stronger tablets available on the internet when I run out I'll look into it further

13-05-05, 18:56
Thanks for the link - I will definitely be getting them!! :D

13-05-05, 19:16
hi just thought this might interest you i found the same caps on the same site at half price. these are however 1000mg and the one you got was 1200mg. but these half price caps have 300mg of epa where as the one you got has 216mg. thanks for the info and this page is


13-05-05, 19:21
I must have bought mine before the sale, good spotting Vernon, i'll be getting some of those I think especially as the EPA content is higher.

13-05-05, 19:40
do they charge post and packing?

13-05-05, 19:48
I bought mine from a H&B store but looking at the website its 1.99 delivery and it also takes 10-14 working days for delivery. They have sold out of the ones you spotted as well!!

13-05-05, 19:57
This looks good as well, more expensive but much stronger


13-05-05, 19:58


13-05-05, 20:05
Sounds good to me - perhaps we should all try some!!

Thanks for all the info and links

Meg - have you any advise on what strength/dosage is worth taking. Is it something that we should all maybe consider?


14-05-05, 13:11
Hi Rhowes
Thanks very much for advices and links, I intend to try them too, I have some cod liver oil at home ( Tescos - EPA is only 44mg per capsule ).
I ll definitely try those from Holland & Barrett in the near future.
Thanks again.

**Don't believe everything you think .**

14-05-05, 16:19
I have read that book too! I was just wondering if anybody knew if its safe to take them when you are already on medication? Hope that doesnt sound silly!
Em x

14-05-05, 16:42
I would say they are Emmie. It is only a supplement, if you ate a lot of fish or flaxseed you would have a high intake of EPA as well so i'm sure it's fine to take an EPA supplement with medication.

14-05-05, 19:50
Yes Em you can take them with meds. :D

14-05-05, 21:16
Thank you- i think i will give them a go then!! I'll let you know how it goes!


14-05-05, 21:20
Hi Emmie

As they are natural they are ok to take with meds. i take 3 a day and am on two lots of meds as well as iron and complex vit b etc. So no probs. Efelex I was told by a friend who is a nurse has told me are the best as they are the only ones that have been tested. not sure how accurate that is now tho.

take care


14-05-05, 21:52
thank you very much for your advice.

16-05-05, 19:45
I have to say that I began taking Omega-3 about a week ago and have been taking GABA along with Calcium (with Magnesium) Supplements and I feel like I'm almost CURED. I havent had an attack in a week. I advise all to take these supplements. I believe if I take these long enough that they will take my panic away completely. And no side effects. I don't know which help the most but I've been taking them together and feel that they have all contributed to my feeling better. If you've tried everything and feel hopeless - try the Omega-3. I know several people who have been helped by taking these. It has other health benefits as well! Also, if possible, it is best to eat foods rich in Omega 3, calcium, magnesium instead of taking supplements.


17-05-05, 16:59
Hi Rhowes,

Thanks for the info. I have been taking them for a few months now plus B6 & multibionta and i'm sure i feel alot worse on days where i have forgot to take them! Not sure if it's Physiological or not but hey if my brain thinks it working! Then who am i to argue!LOL

I take Boots Omega 3 Super Strength Concentrated Fish Oils -1000mg - containing 330mg of EPA & 210mg of DHA.

See link


It costs 11.10 for 60 capsules but you only need to take one capsule a day.

Also Boots always have alot of special offers on Vitamins. at the moment they have an offer on: Vitamins Combination 3 for 2.

I hope you are well.

Take care

Love PIP'S X