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13-05-05, 18:33
Im posting but not sure why really as nothing can be done to change this situation.And I know there are a lot more serious situations than this.
I find it very difficult to go to social outings as some of you know but when I saw Rod Stewart was touring I immediately got tickets and thought its a long way off ill be better by then.
I have looked forward to tomorrow for so long and only suffered small amounts of anxiety, probably, I think because the person Im going with has been with me in my most major panic attack and many smaller ones so I feel safe.I know Im not going to die!!
NOW he has cancelled, obviously I am very sad, although I know a few of you out there who will be saying I should be grateful LOL!
I will miss seeing him but also sad because I have got ready for this and now have to do it all over again, which I know is possible and hope that next time I feel as in control of the situation as I did this time.
The next date is inconvenient really as it is 16th July and I was wanting to do something which involved travelling on 17th and Im worried I wont do all, anyway Ive rabbited on but just wanted to share.
Take care Alexis

13-05-05, 18:50
alexis sorry he canceled when you was looking so forward to it:(. Is there none ells you can go with?

13-05-05, 18:55
Hi Vern, sorry wasent clear there Its Rod who has cancelled, got a sore throat, awwwwwwww poor thing.

13-05-05, 19:02
aaawww Alexis sorry to hear that hun. Isn't that just typical?? :D

13-05-05, 19:09
Yes Sarah and look at the new date, of all the Saturdays he could have picked!!

13-05-05, 19:19
That's a drag Alexis. You should plan to go out tomorrow night anyway to reward yourself for staying steady about all of it! Do something extravagant??!!

13-05-05, 20:16
Ahh yes you could be with Rod on the 16th and us mad people on the 17th.

I am sure you can do both lol!!

Sorry to hear it got cancelled


13-05-05, 21:36

Sorry he cancelled, thought he would have whisked you off by now. We will all support you through the next one and the next day just think when we meet up you can tell us all about him.

You can do it mate and you will be with people who care and understand.

Love Sal xx

Dont mess up the best things in your life, just because at present you are unsure who you are.

14-05-05, 13:28
Hi Alexis

That is just sod's law !!! So sorry. :(
I really understand your pain here, I 've discovered yesterday that my favourite singer ( Mike Patton, faith no more) is doing a gig in London Forum June the 18th with his new band called Fantomas. Anyway , I know that if I cannot go to it, I will be gutted , devastated!!!! So wish me luck all , LOL, thanks :D


**Don't believe everything you think .**

14-05-05, 13:44
Hi Florence

Best of luck and i am sure that you will do it.

Love Sal xx

Dont mess up the best things in your life, just because at present you are unsure who you are.

14-05-05, 14:25
Awww thanks Sal , means a lot to me ;).
Take care.

**Don't believe everything you think .**