View Full Version : Shooting pains and MND

26-08-08, 10:11

A bit of advice please. I am getting alot of shooting pains in my hands ( around the knuckle joints and in my legs. ) My right hands feels bruised ( ive not hurt it ) when I press or lean on it, on the palm around by the knuckles.

Does anyone else get this, as Im worried I have Motor Neuron Disease:ohmy:

The reason im thinking this is because I have heard recently, of someone we know of having it. So as we do with health anxiety, the thought is now in my head!!

Thanks All

26-08-08, 16:59
Wow, I have the same issue. I get shooting pains in my whole body from time to time. I'm 19, so having MND would be really impossible I'd think.

I think it's ok if you have shooting pains from time to time. The body is so complex.