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27-08-08, 21:22
Hey guys,

My anxiety/ panic is real bad (panic attacks quite often throughout the day) at mo and have been taking the above dose for the past 2 days but it doesn't seem to be doing the business. Its helping but not stopping the anxiety attacks. I'm seeing the GP on Fri and am going to ask him about uping the dose. Was just wondering what dose most people take to find it completing calming/ total stop of panic attacks? I'm used to taking Diazepam and i'm not feeling no where near as calm as i was on them.

Any advice please.

E x

27-08-08, 23:41
I take 40mg time to time.

Only really had three "real" panic attacks since the first one in June.

Think you should ask your GP to increase it then.

28-08-08, 17:36
I was taking 80mg once a day last year & I came off it thinking I was ok. My anxiety attacks started again over the last few months but more severe. Now Im on 160mg per day.

28-08-08, 19:28
I'm also on 160gram per day, 80 morning and evening

29-08-08, 21:19
I'm on 40mg 3 times a day .. good luck!

06-09-08, 21:48
Hi elaine I have taken prop before the same 20mg x3 dose as you but what your doc should have told you is they take time to work like most meds they are not instant especially if you have v bad anxiety which i had when i first started on them. I was on them for 2.5 years and they worked but I was also on valium at the same time, i have recently had a bad relapse and my doc now has me on 80mg sustained released caspsules of prop these wrok by releasing the prop gradually into your bloodstream instead of you being in control of when you take the tabs and are apparently better in the long term for anxiety,
good luck Owain