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28-08-08, 16:38
Piglet did a post this week about some books she found and has read. She sent me the Health Anxiety one and I have read it this afternoon.

In her words .. "Very easy to read and very helpful - they are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, with exercises to try out and alternative ways of looking at situations. They seem to be affiliated to the Cambridge and Peterborough Mental Health Partnership NHS Teaching Trust and quite frankly they should be suggested to any one presenting themselves at the doctors with anxiety etc."

I have to agree that it is a very easy read - took me less than an hour (without completing the exercises) - and there are loads of exercises that you can complete that will make you understand and challenge your own personal issues.

The books are A4 in size and retail for about £2.99. The one I read today was 32 pages but I expect they all vary.

I can bulk buy these books (in batches of 10) and therefore pass on the savings to NMP members.

I am more than happy to do this and I could sell them for £1.50 each + 66p postage and packing. I appreciate the saving isn't huge but if you were buying something else from the NMP shop at the same time then the postage cost could potentially include this book at no extra postage costs. Due to the size I can only post it as a large letter and because of the weight 66p is the actual postage cost.

Before I go and buy these books I need to gauge interest as I will need to pay up-front, obviously, and if there is no interest it is pointless me doing it.

The range of books I could offer are as follows:

An Introduction to Coping with Anxiety - http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/WEBSITE/WWW/WEBPAGES/showbook.php?id=1845292782

An Introduction to Coping with Panic - http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/WEBSITE/WWW/WEBPAGES/showbook.php?id=1845292901

An Introduction to Coping with Health Anxiety - http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/WEBSITE/WWW/WEBPAGES/showbook.php?id=1845292871

An Introduction to Coping with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/WEBSITE/WWW/WEBPAGES/showbook.php?id=184529288X

An Introduction to Coping with Depression - http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/WEBSITE/WWW/WEBPAGES/showbook.php?id=1845292839

An Introduction to Coping with Phobias - http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/WEBSITE/WWW/WEBPAGES/showbook.php?id=1845292898

I currently sell 2 of Claire Weekes's books in the shop as well and happy to add more titles if people are interested.

It is not my intention to make very much money for NMP out of book sales but to save people money where I can and cover such costs as Paypal fees.

If you are interested then please vote on which book you think you would buy (this in no way commits you but will give me an idea of whether it is worth me getting any or not). You can vote for more than one book in the poll.

Thanks in advance

*** UPDATE ***** - books now available - see this thread....


28-08-08, 16:43
hiya nic

i would buy

An Introduction to Coping with Health Anxiety ,and probs other ones to at that price ,seem,s very good to me

jodie xx

28-08-08, 18:31
Hi Nic

Yes I would be interested in buying the one on Panic, and the phobia one.

28-08-08, 18:37
I would like a book that specifically focuses on agoraphobia, it seems hard to get one

28-08-08, 18:46

Have a look at this ....


You can download bits of it for free to read as well.

28-08-08, 18:49
Thanks that's brilliant!! :yesyes:

Lisa x

28-08-08, 19:09
Hi Nicola

I would be very interested in buying the book about Health anxiety.


28-08-08, 19:25
Thanks for the replies everyone.

Looks like these books will be of some help and at such a cheap cost I think they are great value.

I will leave the post running a few more days then get some ordered.

28-08-08, 21:22
Hiya I would be very intersested in the books and would like anxiety one and panic 1 xx

Also 2 lisas query about agoraphobia ...Claire weekes has got 1 ..I got mine off amazon xxxxx
Titch xxx

28-08-08, 22:27
Although I've got the 3 most pertinent to my 'issue's already I think having read them Nic I would probably have the ones on depression and phobias too.

Splendid books arn't they. :yesyes:

Love Piglet :flowers:

28-08-08, 22:35
Piglet - the main thing is they are an easy read. Sometimes we can get bogged down reading too much and if a book takes a week to read we will not do it and these are easy to read and yet very helpful.

28-08-08, 23:00
hi nic. . .
i would be interested in most of those books especially if they are easy to read. . .
i have voted on the poll.

29-08-08, 09:45
Piglet - the main thing is they are an easy read. Sometimes we can get bogged down reading too much and if a book takes a week to read we will not do it and these are easy to read and yet very helpful.

Exactly what I think too - they're simple but get to the crux of things and don't cost and arm and leg either!

Will look forward to you stocking them and deffo will have the 2 other titles I mentioned.

Piglet :flowers:

29-08-08, 18:09
I would be interested in buying a couple too!

(i like easy reading:yesyes: )


29-08-08, 19:33
I think there is enough interest to order some and it looks like I may need 2 packs of some.

Thanks everyone for the interest. I will get some ordered and let you know when I get them etc.

01-09-08, 16:12
I have ordered some of these today so will let people know once I have them available to send out.

01-09-08, 21:10
Thanks Nic will keep an eye out for when you get them in the shop.


10-09-08, 10:32

Thanks for sharing this your post guys! I feel self help books helps an individual to motivate himself and be successful in every walk of life.

10-09-08, 19:09
Rimmy - I removed your advertising post and signature as we do not allow them on here.

Nice to see you here though anyway.

13-03-09, 23:29
6 people said they wanted the OCD one and not one single copy had sold and I paid upfront for them so please don't vote - just buy!

13-03-09, 23:30
These books are now for sale on the NMP shop