View Full Version : No More Panic shop - you do NOT need a Paypal account

28-08-08, 17:36
A few people have told me they wanted to order goods from the NMP shop but don't have a Paypal account so I thought I would just post and explain that you do NOT need a Paypal account to buy items. In fact you do not need to even order through the shop!

If you do use the shop then once you have confirmed your order you will be taken to this screen...


On the left it says "Don't have a Paypal account". If you click on "Continue" you will get this screen..


Click on the "Payment type" pull-down box and you can pay with:

American Express

If you do NOT have any of these and want to pay by cheque, postal order, cash etc then simply contact me via Private Message (nomorepanic) or email me at nomorepanic@btinternet.com

Hope that helps clarify things.