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31-08-08, 17:39
Hi all,
Does a 2mg dose of Diazepam have a longer lasting therapeutic effect than a 1mg dose or would the 2mg just have a stronger effect but for the same length of time ?


31-08-08, 22:56
Hi Decca

I hope I'm not wrong in this but I think it's just a stronger dose rather than staying in your system longer.


01-09-08, 13:07
Thanks Elspeth,
Yea that seems logical it's a pity they don't do something that has a longer effect.
I was talking Benzo addiction and withdrawal syndome over with my Docs last week as one sugested I might be able to split my 2mg dose into 4 doses across the day,but I forgot to ask them how long the therapeutic effect would last.


01-09-08, 22:02
Hi Decca.... the effect of 2mg last exactly the same length of time as your 1mg but obviously you will feel the effect of the 2mg more because of the strength. Its a good idea to split the tablets in half so that your spreading the doseage out over the day.
Good luck.

02-09-08, 10:19
Thanks Lesleya,
I've split the 2mg into 4 (that's not easy) so I'm taking 0.5mg 4 times a day and I am feeling a bit more jittery and more nervous about going out than I was but I guess it'll settle down as my body adjusts to it, so long as the tachycardia and blood presure doesn't return which was the main reason they put me on Diaz. It should be OK.


02-09-08, 17:27
Hi Decca,

I stopped taking D a few weeks ago and my anxiety is awful again so am back on them plus propanolol which my GP would rather i take. I'm taking 4 - 6 mg of D a day and thats only just touching the surface (well i'm able to function but am still but nervie, keep feeling dizzy and off balance - but am totally seeing how after a while the dose doesnt have the same effect it used to).

Fair play to you if you can manage on 2mg a day. I think you're doing great!

E x

02-09-08, 21:19
Hi Elaine,
I think that might be the case with me, I tried tapering by an eighth of a 2mg tablet a few weeks ago I was OK for a few days then crashed so I re-instated to the full 2mg again.
Non of my Docs have suggested I come off of them , It's just that I don't want to get any more addicted than I am or build up a tolerance that makes me want to increase the dose, I've been on 2mg for 6 months now so I'm hoping I won't need to increase to the full 8mg per day I've been prescribed.
Like you I get the dizzies and that off balance feeling but I've been told it's also the side effects of my heart meds.
I hope you feel better soon.