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17-05-05, 12:12
Anyone know any ggod receipes for energy drinks fruit juices / smoothies?


Tatty B xx

17-05-05, 13:51
Hi TattyB,

A smoothie I do every other morning for keeping my energy going is this one:

1. 1 or 2 bananas (2 for me as I'm a greedy piglet)

2. 4 or 5 strawberries

3. Tablespoon of crushed almonds (can get from Tesco's) or a tablespoon of crushed oats.

4. 1 teaspoon of organic honey.

5. Half a cup of milk (I actually use soya milk for mine as I love it - much to the kids disgust).

Optional extras could be any supplement sort of things you may be trying, for instance with me at the mo I'm putting in Spirulina (a foul green powder with lots of fab minerals recommended by You are what you eat). That way you disguise any unpleasant tastes although it does turn the smoothie the most remarkable shade of green I've ever seen (don't know whether to drink it or paint with it).

Love Piglet

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17-05-05, 16:19
Hi Tatty B,

I love my smoothies and I just tend to put a combination of whatever fruit I have in the house.

To mix with the fruit sometimes I use fruit juice. I find one of the nicest things though is a Danone Actimel probiotic drink. it tastes yummy.

Have you tried Ebay or Amazon? as they have some fab cheap books on smoothie recipes

In fact i have just purchased this:SMOOTHIE RECIPE E-BOOK - Over 200 recipes for blenders at Ebay for only 0.99p

Hope you are well.

Take care,

Love PIP'S X X

17-05-05, 16:43
There's a really good book by Jason Vale called "The Juice Master's Ultimate Fast Food". It's very good!! :D

29-03-09, 08:42
There's a really good book by Jason Vale called "The Juice Master's Ultimate Fast Food". It's very good!! :D

Hi, thanks for allowing me to participate, let me tell you that is excellent, excellent read, I take them and share my experience with Healthy Juices (http://healthyjuiceguide.com) I discovered them on a trip to Costa Rica, a beautiful tropical country where they have juices drinks all day long, all year long. My favorite one I tried there was the Mango juice. For those of you who havenít heard from it, mango is a deliciously sweet orange yellowy tropical fruit.

29-03-09, 18:10
There's a really good book by Jason Vale called "The Juice Master's Ultimate Fast Food". It's very good!! :D

Burgundy wine (http://www.myburgundywine.com) does wonders for my blood pressure and circulation. There are endless health benefits about drinking Burgundy wines. When I start reading about it health magazines, I was so happy I couldnít believe it.

29-03-09, 18:47
Green tea smoothies are great here is a simple version of one

1 organic peach, sliced and pitted
1/2 frozen banana
2 Green Tea tea bags
1 tbsp raw honey

Brew 1 1/2 cup of green tea with filtered water and chill in refrigerator.When chilled blend the green tea, banana, and peaches until smooth while adding honey for sweetness.

You could add something like Kyo-Green also just add it to your regular smoothie and you will have a lot of energy all day. My favorite is something called Amazing Grass, it's grown here though in the US.. Kyo-Green is pretty much the top of the line though so check it out!


04-12-09, 12:50
This works best in a milkshake maker, add all ingredients and turn on. I'm sure it would work the same in a blender but I have never tried it.

04-12-09, 15:00
I practically lived off smoothies when I was starting my antidepressants .They were an excellent source of vits and nutrition as my appetite was non existent .They do give you energy as its a natural form of sugar that has a slow release in the body ,unlike cakes and biscuits .These sound lovely im going to try them .Thanks .Sue x