View Full Version : Cymbalta ( duloxetine)

03-09-08, 13:16
Does anyone on here take this anti depressant??

I was at Dr's this morning in terible state convinced my constant pain was not related to my damaged spine and it was being caused by something else.
I have had endless tests over last year including exploratory sugery and colosncopy etc etc but I am in constant awful pain in lots of places seemingly far removed from my spine ( I have had all my spine mri scanned and have extensive degeneration and herniated discs).

I admitted to the Dr that I was veering from worrying I have infection in spine to secondary bone cancer to pancreatic.liver. gallbladder cancer ( I have awful pain around my ribs).

she did mot of blood tests - full blood count- liver and kidney tests and said if I had any of the above something would show up in these blood tests. I get results tomorrow.

She suggested I try cymbalta as it also helps with symptoms caused by anxiety which in turn may reduce my pain level. I go tthe presx but of course the info leaflet inside is scary - liver failure- heart problems and high blood pressure to name a few of the 20 side effects.

I would liek to know good or bad from anyone who is on this or has tried taking it please.