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04-09-08, 13:30
I nearly had an endoscopy about 5 years ago... I had a mouth spray to freeze the back of my throat. I couldn't do itI gagged and choked it was awful. My symptoms improved and I didn't have it done. Now I have all these Acid Reflux symptoms my GP said I may have to have one done if it doesn't settle.

What have other members had? Spray? Drugs to relax? Do these work someone said you feel and know everything but can't remember after???
Or can you insist on a general or is that being a baby.

Feel nervous even thinking of it.:)

04-09-08, 13:45
I had one nearly three years ago and it was a doddle honest. I was like you terrified and had put it off for nearly a year - I had had acid reflux for 10 yrs and although medication controlled it my Dr said he wanted a scope to check I hadn't developed barratts oesphogus that is a pre cancerous condition caused by acid burning your oesophagus- he said it ws as very rare under 60 yrs of age and I was only early 40's but once he put the idea forward I felt I had to go through with it. So 9 months later finally went - so terrified that my pulse was 130bpm!!

The worst part was the throat spray - tasted vile and weird feeling but all I remember is them injecting the sedation - I have two fleeting memories of heaving as if I was trying to be sick as they put the scope down and thinking how unlaydlike must I look! and then next thing nurse patting my face and sitting me up. No afereffects whatsoever and confirmed I had hiatus hernia but oesophagus was normal.

I so wished i had had it done 9 months earlier and saved myself the worry over having it as it was really nothing at all - have had lots of medical tests that were hundreds times worse than that one

04-09-08, 13:46
Hi m8 I ve had 2 endoscopys done .....and both times i was given drugs 2 relax me ..and I dont remember anything ...I was awake and could see what was goin on but was so relaxed it didnt stress me ........if you have drugs 2 relax u though some1 will have 2 go with you. My mom still laughs now as when I came out of the second 1 she said I was sooo high I was just laughing and giggling lol......but apparently I had been kicking my legs about while in there ..but I dont remember a thing xxxxxxx

I wouldnt think u would need a general as the drugs reax u ..and it would take longer for the anisthetic 2 ware off making you feel very groggy etc .

best wishes xxx
Titch xxx

04-09-08, 13:53
Thank you for the reassurance, the drugs sound lovely titch I'll go for that option....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

04-09-08, 13:55
Haha I dont blame u Jannne ....gud luck and let us know how you get on xxxx

04-09-08, 17:05

I had an endoscopy and colonscopy done at the same time! I do remember the spray right before I was dozing off and guess I had a touch of a sore throat afterwards. I don't remember a thing from either procedure. I would not worry about it. For me, they were doing a biopsy from my endoscopy checking for celiac disease. Good luck and I know you will do great.

Laura xxx

05-09-08, 00:02

I have had this done twice and both times i had an injection to make me relax

I was awake throughout, but was so relaxed i honestly didnt feel anything

love mandie x

05-09-08, 08:25
Thank you all for your advice a big reassurance xxxxxxxxxxlots of lovexxxxxxxxxx

05-09-08, 08:43
Hi there,

I had the endoscopy done just with the spray as the nurse told me i wasn't allowed both, and her recommendation was the spray. I did gag a couple of times but on the whole it wasn't two bad, I would get it done again ( which isn't like me!!). But honestly its worth it just to put your mind at rest cause having any sorts of HA you'll just worry yourself sick like I did. So I got the all clear and guess what found something else to worry about.....lol. I'm sure you'll be fine .

take care xx

05-09-08, 09:41
Hi, I was told I couldn't have both too. I opted for the spray but i couldn't get the tube down. I have a really strong gag reflex and gag brusing my teeth. I have heard about the sedation too. My friend had it done and said, although you can't remember after at the time you are aware and they just hold you down a do it. which sounds awful, you just can't remember. I have some diazepam at home I am going to ask if I need to have it done if I could take a couple before and then see if I can cope with the spray. Hopefully I won't need to have it done. Or if I can have extra sedation. The doctor got really cross with me when I couldn't swallow the tube and said I had missed my slot and he couldn't wait for me to try again. It was awful.

05-09-08, 10:13
Hello I had one a couple of weeks ago and like everyone was scared rigid but it was OK, I opted for sedation but got the spray as well to my surprise. I was vaguely aware of the tube being down but not the procedure, I didnt exactly sleep but when I got home i did!!!! It was certainly not as bad as I was expecting and wouldnt be scared another time


05-09-08, 10:24
I have had 2 of these done in the past. If you tell them that you suffer from acute anxiety I would think they would sedate you enough to put you out whilst doing the procedure. Afterall, the last thing they want is a panicking patient.

I had the throat spray first (tasted of bananas) then the sedation, counted to 7 and bingo! I was out until I came round about an hour later. I did have a sore throat but then that's natural owing to the tube going down the throat.

I don't remember anything. Good luck.


05-09-08, 11:11
Thank you everyone, I will take your advice and tell them how anxious I am.

09-09-08, 21:29
I had one a couple of weeks ago. I had the throat spray only. Whilst it is uncomfortable, it is bearable. I coped by concentrating on steady breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. Swallowing the tube was OK. The worst bit was went it was coming out as that made me retch a about 3 times. The whole thing was done very quickly - much quicker than I anticipated. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. You'll be OK.


10-09-08, 07:59
I tried to have one on the NHS a few weeks ago and had the throat spray. They couldn't do it in the end because I gagged so badly.

I then had one done elsewhere and had the sedation which was a big deal for me as I am TERRIFIED of needles in any shape of form but got through the injection bit and it was fine. Really strange as I thought it had taken about 30 seconds but my wife said I was in there for 15 mins!! Didn't really remember it afterwards, just had bad trapped air in my stomach for 3 days after but that passed.

I would go for it with sedation. The relief of knowing what is or is not going on in there is worth it! :)

10-09-08, 14:45
Yes, I think sedation may be for me too. thanks for advice xxxxx

02-10-08, 14:43
Hiya M8y ..

was just wondering have u had endoscopy done yet ...been thinking about you xxx

Let me know how u get on hun xxxxxxx:bighug1:

Titchjd xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx