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18-05-05, 21:02
hi all

saw my phycharatrist for the first time today, what a fantastic and positive experience it was.

am currently on 30mg of paroxetine, but she has suggested i up it to 40mg, or try another new drug duloxetine.

apparently this is the new 'wonder drug' but i have my reservations as they said that about seroxat and we all know that history.

am being rewiewed in 6 wks in which time it is my decission what to do.

i do feel better on 30mg of paroxetine, but it has been a slow improvement, dont really what to go trhough withdrawal just yet after such a hard 5 mth recovery, and not too sure about being used as a ginea pig for this new drug as there is not much research on it yet

has anyone heard of it, or taken it

any thoughts would be great

love Jane

18-05-05, 21:38
hi Jane,

Glad things went well with your psychiatrist!! I don't know much about that med but am sure someone else will be able to tell you something..

Sarah :D

18-05-05, 21:46
Hi Jane

Really glad your psychiatrist visit was a good and positive experience!

Wow, that looks like a super new antidepressant. I've just been reading about it. I would personally be reluctant to try it being so new, I'm not sure what your thoughts on the matter are?

Best Wishes,

Mark x

18-05-05, 23:10
Near Efexor in composition

Cymbalta ( duloxetine)

For those of you who are confused about SNRI's and SSRI's and what exactly Cymbalta does, this was taken from the Cymbalta.com site.......

SNRI (serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor) -
A class of antidepressants that are thought to relieve the symptoms of depression by helping to correct an imbalance of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain and body.
SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) -
A class of antidepressants that are thought to relieve the symptoms of depression by helping to correct an imbalance in the brain's level of serotonin.

How Cymbalta works

Cymbalta works to help restore the balance of two naturally occurring chemicals in the brain and body: serotonin and norepinephrine. Research suggests that these chemicals play a role in both depression and diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain (DPNP).
The science behind Cymbalta
In the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine are associated with transmission of thoughts and feelings. Throughout the body, these chemicals help "turn down" the volume of pain signals. If these chemicals are out of balance, you may experience emotional symptoms, like depressed mood, or physical symptoms, like aches and pains.

Cymbalta helps restore both serotonin and norepinephrine. By addressing both, Cymbalta effectively relieves a broad range of depression symptoms. Cymbalta also effectively manages diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain (DPNP).


Watch your thoughts, they become your words...
Watch your words, they become your actions... Watch your actions, they become your habits... Watch your habits, they become your character... Watch your character, it becomes your destiny...

19-05-05, 12:29

thanks for the info meg.

was just wondering if you had any experience of people taking it maybe positive or negative .

what concerns me is in a few years time when all the problems and experiences come to light and i wish id never statred it


19-05-05, 15:42
Jane ,

Its too new to comment. Noone has taken it long term yet.

All the extensive trials have been positive and it's being heavily advertised and marketed right now.


Watch your thoughts, they become your words...
Watch your words, they become your actions... Watch your actions, they become your habits... Watch your habits, they become your character... Watch your character, it becomes your destiny...

23-02-07, 16:27
has anyone been prescribed 120mg a day?

23-02-07, 17:26
Im the same as you ..on 30mg seroxat...my pysch wants me to taper off seroxat and slowly increase cymbalta......
Not done as yet

27-02-07, 09:35
I've been battling with Duloxetine for some time now, it took four weeks to kick in and then i had 3 normal weeks and had no anxiety then it came back so increased to 90mg after another 3 weeks i recovered again then crashed, Gp put it down again to 60mg and prescribed lorazapam. after 4 weeks of misery up to 90mg again and waiting a miracle!!! also waiting for a shrink appointment!!! So in a word I dont think too much of Dulox. Real insomnia on it too so what on earth 120mg would be like.

27-02-07, 15:10
I've been on duloxetine now since June and it's been a godsend for me. Previously, I was on 50mg of seroxat for seven years, and I could have sworn by it until I started suffering from severe GAD. Meg has already recommended the manufacturer's site, another one that could help is askapatient.com to read reviews from other people who have experience of the med. It's currently being licensed for anxiety as well as depression. 60mg is meant to be the standard dose but it does come in 30s-some people take 120, but in all the info I read, on various trials they conducted, apparently people didn't really experience any great difference between taking 60 and 120.

27-02-07, 19:29
Sarah, Im really pleased to see that you are doing well on the Duloxetine. Hope all well at uni.

I'm afraid my experience with Duloxetine isn't a glowing report either - I'm very much on a similar par with Joy as to progress.

I have been on the medication for over six months. The medication does not allow me to sleep at night. I can be as tired as a dog (even more tired in fact!) - but when the old head hits the pillow it's time to wake up! This is so frustrating - and actually very upsetting. The body is very tired and weary but the mind is not!

When I do finally go off to sleep at night (about two hours after having put my head on the pillow) I wake at least three times in the night to wee!!! However, this is NOTHING to do with the Duloxetine my shrink advises.

In the morning I feel hungover, weak, lifeless, and not ready to start my day! Unfortunately though, I have to. I'm a stay at home wife thank the lord but stillhave to work hard indoors. By 1 o'clock my little eyes just will not stay open and I feel as if I have climbed Everest - I slump on the sofa and usually have an hour's sleep - which is never enough. I told the shrink I have to nap in the afternoon because I don't sleep at night and she said sympathetically "well you have to get your sleep some time". Good job I don't work innit.

The Dulox, for me, has been an up and down med. Goodish weeks, bad weeks, and terrible weeks. Sometimes I feel it's helping the anx but then when I am challenged by something I really am scared of I am a quivering wreck again. So it's not great for anxiety in my book.

My depression is a lot better than it was - however the lack of sleep makes me feel so so low. I am no longer in a black hole with no hope for the future and I don't sit crying all day. However, I still have had days when I really want to weep on this med but hold it in so as not to upset the family.

Three weeks ago my shrink upped the dosage from 60mg to 90. I was hoping she would change the med but no..... she felt that because I had tried two ssris and one tricyclic that didn't help (post Seroxat) that ..... This Is As Good As It Gets. Thank you so much Doctor - so what you are really saying is that this is how Im going to feel for the rest of my life even with meds.

The first week following increase to 90 I felt good. Great even (for me anyway) - the anxiety even seemed so much better. I was thinking to myself how good the old shrink is and she did after all know better than me - and this med does work better at higher dosages.

Unfortunately the second week I went down with a bad cold virus - mood was low and I felt ill naturally. Second week, cold still hanging on but oh side effects too. Muzzy head, tremors, sweats, blurred vision, and ..... WORSE INSOMNIA!

Oh Dear... This is the beginning of my third week and my cold is still very much with me. Been to docs today and have been told its a very nasty virus and can hang on for ages - or it can go and then come back.

I feel so weak. lifeless and dopey - this is not just the cold virus, this is dulox increase of dosage effects and the virus. I blame t he latter for how I feel to be quite honest , and that is... quite honestly ... like a zombie. My mood is low. If anyone so much as tells me my hair is a mess I will cry!!!

Is this right three weeks into increase to 90???

Love to all

28-02-07, 08:03
my story is much the same as Yvonne except I've had good weeks before it crashed even managed a short holiday and enjoyed Xmas but havent been steady since.Waiting to see a shrink as the GP doesnt know what else to try but after Yvonne experience nor do they!!!

think carefully before you try Duloxetine


28-02-07, 20:52
Hi Joy and Yvonne,

Sorry to hear you haven't been having a good time on Cymbalta. Yvonne-since it's causing such bad side effects, I'm surprised your doc wanted to try a higher dose. If I were you, I'd speak out and tell her how awful it's making you feel. Have either of you asked to be referred for CBT? While meds aid recovery, I think it's best to tackle the source of these problems head on and try to change our thought patterns, rather than just masking the symptoms.
Although sadly, duloxetine hasn't really worked for you, that doesn't mean it's not a decent drug. Unfortunately, with anti-depressants, they do different things for different people, so what suits one may not suit another, and sometimes you have to try several before you find the best for you....

Take Care both of you,
I'll be thinking of you

28-02-07, 21:25
Hi Sarah

It's just an up and down thing mate. To be honest I have felt worse on other meds and I think this one has probably been the best of the bunch since I came off Seroxat. I think this is why t he shrink is keeping me on it. At least my depression has lifted a lot.

I've had cbt in the past, I do know a lot about it and have studied and know how to deal with negative thoughts and about challenging etc. I have also tried mindfulness which a lot of psychologists are erring towards now. Mindfulness is just feeling the feelings and letting them pass over you - trying not to take much notice of them! (lol). It's all good stuff but it don't always work.

Anyway thanks for replying Sarah and I hope youre doing alright.