View Full Version : Introduction books in NMP shop are excellent

10-09-08, 15:43
Hiya .....I have just recieved my books out of the NMP shop..
An Introduction to Panic and And an Introduction to Anxiety

They are excellent .....I have read many books and these are definately goin to be something I refer to on a regular basis .

They are easy to read and give you lots of different exercises (not as in Physical ) to do to help you .

I would recommend them and at only 1.50 they are a usefull tool to have .

There are different ones aswell not just Panic and anxiety x

I would be Interested in The one regarding self esteem if you every get that one Nic xxx

Thanx Nic for stocking them xxxxx

Titchjd xxxx

12-09-08, 10:42
Yep totally agree! :yesyes:

Piglet :flowers: