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20-05-05, 12:37
Hi all,

I have an anxiety problem that means that I am pretty much anxious all of the time and have an active brain with the "ON" switch always switched.

I have an option to take Celexa but I am scared of doing so. I manage to go to work every day and life some kind of life so I figure that I shouldn't take them until I can't do that anymore, while I give my CBT a chance to kick in.

My main problem though is waking in the night (usually around 2am) and then waking again about 5am. In particular the two hours between 5am and 7am when I have to get up are awful. I am exhausted and my anxiety is in overdrive at this time.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any pills I could take that would help me to sleep for a whole night? I really feel like if I could get a proper night's sleep then I would not feel so bad the next day. The days I can cope with a lot better, and I have other plans to tackle the problems I get during the days.

Any suggestions on something I can buy or ask the doc for?

Thanks a lot



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20-05-05, 15:10
Hi Gareth,

I chuckled when I read your message because I have pretty much the same sleeping pattern, up at 2 and 5. However, I only wake up for 5-10 minutes...how long do you wake up for? I have been discussing this with my psychiatrist, and he says that as long as I am not staying awake for too long, that this is an OK sleeping pattern (not optimal, but nothing to be worried about). Now that I have accepted it, I find that I'm not as tired/bothered by it, or maybe my body has just adjusted??

That said, there are a few things you can do to help you get back to sleep. I read your post about Kava...my doctor warned me about it because it can be addictive (don't know if you're worried about that). Instead I have been taking Valerian, which helps me get to sleep, and I feel calm when I wake up so helps me get back to sleep quickly.

Please don't go to your doctor for sleeping pills. They will give you Zopiclone, which is not supposed to be addictive...but it is, as I have discovered, and have just had a very hard time coming off!!! Another thign about zopiclone is that it will be effective for 1-2 weeks, and then it will start to lose its effectiveness. Then you'll be stuck getting 3-4 hours a night max, which I think is much worse than waking up during the night.

I know you are resistant to trying the Celexa, and I do respect that, but I have to say that the thing that helped me sleep the best was taking Celexa. Prior to this I was sleeping 3-4 hours a night, and since I've been on Celexa I've settled into my current routine, which is a HUGE improvement. I take it at night, which both makes me drowsy, and helps the anxiety during the night when I wake up. But of course, it is your decision of what you are comfortable with, I just wanted to share my experinec with you.

Sorry, long message...but I know exactly how frustrating this all is, and wanted to give you all tips I have. Please feel free to PM me if you'd like to talk more.


09-06-09, 19:15
Hi I was reading this thread, can you tell me what celexa is? I have also been prescribed zopiclone for sleep?

09-06-09, 21:24
Would just like to agree with Lisa regarding Zopiclone. I've been on them a long time and I suppose am addicted as when I don't take one (7.5mg) the anxiety is even worse. As she mentioned also, the effectiveness wears off so, in my case, I still don't sleep well with them and I wish I'd never started taking them! I do know how frustrating it is not being able to sleep and suffering anxiety, but maybe try something natural and see how you get on and go from there.
Good luck!