View Full Version : Claire Weekes and Christine Ingham books in NMP shop

11-09-08, 19:05
Today I have added a new book by Christine Ingham called "Panic Attacks: What They Are, Why They Happen and What You Can Do About Them"

I have read this book and it is a very easy and informative read.

I also sell 2 Claire Weekes books:

"Self-Help for Your Nerves" and "Essential Help for Your Nerves"

I may be able to save you money on postage compared to Amazon, for example, so take a look.

The shop can be found here - www.nomorepanic.co.uk/shop (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/shop) or click on the "NMP shop" link on the left.

I do not make any money from selling these books in the shop (in fact I lose out cos I have to pay the Paypal charges) but I wanted members to be able to get these books as cheaply as possible.