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20-05-05, 18:20
after my CBT appt on weds, i have been feeling very contemplative and reflective of my life. I do realise I have to get on with my life and live it the way I want to and not how others expect me to, but I feel like I dont know what that is. I dont know what to do next or what I want to do, so I guess I'm at a junction and I'm not sure which way to go.
This is making me feel lost.:(
Any advice greatly received...

20-05-05, 20:10
hi lisa

sometimes therapy does leave you thinking deeply, its ok not to know the exact direction of your life - i think most people dont, so try not to be too concerned.
maybe you can just carry on doing the things you do at the moment ( home, work, relationships, e.t.c ) and make more of those and opportunities that develop around them.
if you have not got many interests or ambitions, maybe you could start trying new/different things and discover what you do want in your life that way. new things usually take time to develop.

take care ... andrew

20-05-05, 20:26
Give it time, Lisa.

I suppose I am going the same thing, but in a different way. Whilst I recover from anxiety, I am not sure what new things I will be capable of, but I do not want to go back to my old 'life' for sure.

Do you think you have a hidden talent that you could use? Try things out as a hobby and perhaps expand on that by going to classes.

Live your dream.


Don't wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you've got to make yourself.--Alice Walker

20-05-05, 21:52
Hi Lisa,

Its funny you should be saying this. I have been thinking the same since Wednesday, apart from being a bit anxious (petrified really:D) over my dentist visit. I feel my life and thoughts are taking a turn for the better. Its a weird feeling isnt it? Knowing that your changing your old ways but not sure what to do ( feeling that its not "normal" to be calm). I have an interest in aromatherapy oils, so im trying to develop that interest further. I also enjoy reading, there are a few types of books that im interested in and im developing that aswell.

Its exciting in a way not knowing where life is going to take you, but enjoy it. Go with it and try not to analise it to much.

Have you any interests you can get involved with or maybe trying something knew, that youve thought about.

Let us know how i goes and good luck

Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk.

Emma xx

Keep focused, keep positive.

22-05-05, 02:23
Hi Lisa

In time through CBT you will discover who you are and will probably be surprised at how strong you are but you forgot that on the way and how well you cope with everything but again you forgot that through anxiety.

As i said before this is the path that is getting built and you are going to take that path and walk along it feeling a lot stronger and let people see this is you now and what you have to offer them is what they have to accept.

You might feel like you are lost but this is only the start of the beginning to put you to where you should be. You might not be what you thought at the end of it, as i didnt feel i was, but i felt stronger and realised that the people i loved and that loved me had to accept that i was the person i was after all the support and that i wasnt so weak and the ones that cared stood by me and the ones that took advantage of my vunrability are no longer in my life.

Do it for you hun and people who care will respect you as you progress through this.

Love Sal xx

Dont mess up the best things in your life, just because at present you are unsure who you are.

22-05-05, 11:14
hi Lisa,

I am the same at the moment after my CBT assessment. All I will say is that you have to tell yourself that nothing has changed. Just because someone else has pointed out something that you yourself didn't realise doesn't make you any less of a person. Getting these things out in the open will hopefully help people like us in the long run..

Sarah :D

22-05-05, 12:47
thanks guys..

i guess it just all feels a bit daunting, not knowing what lies ahead and not knowing what to expect. But it has to be good hey? i guess the anxiety makes it seem like something to be afraid of but infact it should actually be something to look forward. who wouldn't want to be stronger?! when i have a good day like yesterday its because i've accepted it and taking it as it comes, but this morning my hubby has gone to play golf and i'm dwelling. and for me dwelling = analysing = not good!
you are all so supportive and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

22-05-05, 22:37

It is very hard when something thats taken so much of your time in the past now allows you freedom, its hard to know which way to go.

Doodling and writing things down whilst letting yourself think about all sorts of futures may help as well as those suggestions already made


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Watch your words, they become your actions... Watch your actions, they become your habits... Watch your habits, they become your character... Watch your character, it becomes your destiny...

22-05-05, 22:42
Hi Lisa

We all dwell hun and at times we all know it is the worst thing we can do, but it is human nature and we need to learn to distract ourselves from that. Like you say when you have a good day you have accepted it so accept the bad days aswell and remember that just like before you will get through them and you will have your good days again.

Love Sal xx

Dont mess up the best things in your life, just because at present you are unsure who you are.