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20-05-05, 23:18
Out of curiousity, does anyone have memory loss or fogetfulness. For example forgetting what you had just said. Or what you were going to write. Is this more common after being anxious about things. Or am I losing the plot??

I have been anxious for a couple of days, but very calm now and not panicky

Feel free to PM me, if you want to talk.

Emma xx

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21-05-05, 00:18
Hi Emma

Don't worry , I experience that too. I think its very common with anxiety and even amongst people who do not have anxiety, my husband per example , he always forget things!!! I have to remind him stuff all the time !!!!! lol . I have to remind him my birthday !!! :D
You're not losing the plot, I can reassure you.

Take care.

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21-05-05, 09:22

I'm going througha phrase when I'm forgetting stuff. Also I'm going a 'Blonde-Moment' phrase when I say and do the most stupid things. Lol.

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21-05-05, 14:21
Hi Emma

Think this is totally common with most of us in the world anxious or not.

I had a little patch of thinking I was losing the plot because of my memory but once I found something else to be anxious about I forgot about it - hee hee lol!

I keep finding new things to alarm me all the time, I've begun listing all the things that have given me big scares over the last couple of years in my journal under the title 'Worries' and looking back on them makes me see how really daft some of them were. I've found though that seeing which scares were sensible ones and which werent and how I dealt with them, or what solution was needed, is helping me to keep newer ones more in perspective. Also if old ones crop up again months later then I can see how I sorted it out last time.

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22-05-05, 11:30
hi Emma,

I get this as well. It is quite common amongst anxiety sufferers.

Sarah :D