View Full Version : Any 1 Else Coming Of Seroxate

14-09-08, 21:45
Wednesday is my last day on seroxate as my doc thinks it's not doing me any good now.
How have others been when coming of seroxate and going on to somthing else?
cheers Dawn

15-09-08, 14:48
hi there dawn

I was on seroxat for 6 yrs and all i can say is i came off it fine... but you have to do it soo soo soo slowly.
1 every other day for ages then 1 every 3rd day for ages - i took about 6 months to come off them - but depends how long u been on them
love nicky x

14-01-09, 21:39
Been on them for 5 years 4 months. Been off them for 5 days now, feel ok at the moment. I agree with bab, you have to withdraw very slowly and make sure your body gets used to every drop in dose. I can get down to 5mg a day with no problems, but in the past I always had problems going from 5mg/day to nothing, maybe the placebo effect has something to do with it, who knows.

30-01-09, 18:01
I've been on them about 3 years. I came down from 30mg to 20mg about a year ago. Now I have decided to try to come off altogether, the short half life of them gets to me and I feel dizzy/woozy ifI don't take it at exactly the same time each day and its getting on my nerves.

They helped me get my head together and I was in a terrible state when I went on them. they've been great! There's no way I would have been able to listen to and practise the sensible helpful advice from my counsellor and this site without their steadying effect.

I've been taking 20mg for ages, but took 10mg this morning and forgot for a while, but felt really rubbish by lunchtime, dizzy, woozy, nauseous, butterflies and vision disturbance. (Great!:wacko: )

Trouble now is that I was sat in the staffroom at school feeling terrible, and the withdrawl is so similar to the feelings of panic that I spent much of this afternoon telling myself I'm fine really and not going to panic. I didn't panic, and when I was distracted working I was fine - which should tell me something...:D

Anyway, I'll try 10mg one day and 20mg the next for a week or so and see how I get on. Any support most welcome! Thanks.:bighug1: