View Full Version : Exercise and Propranlol

16-09-08, 23:10
How long should I allow between when I take a pill and I do something? For example play Football or Gym?

Cathy V
16-09-08, 23:15
Hi leon. Why do you think there might be a problem with excersise and propranolol...did the doc say this or is it something youve discovered yourself? I take this med too and my doc always tells me to excersise as much as i can, but i know the side effects might slow you down a little. Are you having problems with it?

17-09-08, 08:07
Not really, just checking really how long everyone sort of leaves it before they start exercise etc etc

Cathy V
17-09-08, 08:16
Ive never been told to allow time inbetween, but because betablockers relax the blood vessels and lower blood pressure they can make you feel a bit dizzy. I don't use a gym but i do walk as much as poss. I think you could try and find your own level of exercise, one that suits you and the meds.

Cathy xxx