View Full Version : Coming off Seroxat

18-09-08, 11:56
Hi guys,

Im sure you have heard this a million times before, but i have been on 20mg onf seroxat for about 8 years. i have recently changed to the liquid form. well prolly about 5 months ago now. Dos said we would come 2ml down a month, im currently on 5ml which apperantly is 10mg.

Last night at work i had the strangest feeling like i was gonna have a panic attack which really scared me some. but had some coke and i felt fine. maybe just low sugar levels.

I dunno sometimes i think maybe i dont want to come off these after all and that 8 years ago i had reasons to go on them and maybe it jsut hasnt all gone away and if i stop taking these. will it all come back?

i also had epilepsy when i was young, although since being on seroxat i have not had a fit. is that strange or what? maybe i ought to talk to the dr about that. never though of that till right now.

anyway to all coming off seroxat. good luck. its a tough road.



25-09-08, 20:18
I have been on seroxat 50 mg for over 3 yrs.I have just started comming of it.I have gone down to 40.And I feel completly crap,I having spasms all over my boody,the worst ones are are in my eyes-I carnt read without my eyes hurting.
My consentration has gone to pot, and my termour is unreal.I have been banned from driving for aweek,By my doc it's driving me nut.