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26-05-05, 22:43
hi there
anyone know if this bach remedy can be used with st johns wort
i need to take st johns for depression
im learning to drive and it would help if i know i can take this remedy for my nerves i have managed to conquer most panics and anxiety for driving but i have failed 4 test through nerves
would be grateful of any help advice offered thanks

p gregory

26-05-05, 22:45
Yes you can take it with SJW.

Good luck with your next test .


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27-05-05, 11:25
Good luck with the driving!! :D

30-05-05, 23:06
hi there
started my sjw yesterday
didnt have good night restless.think i was just paranoid about starting somthing new,although do have rough nights somtimes.
also want to know if its worth starting bach remendy
or wait till just before driving test
any help appreciated

may as well add does anyone have phobias of medication i know i do wondered how people overcome it as i am fed up starting and stopping things due to phobia of meds............
thanks again

p gregory