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08-10-08, 10:36
Has anyone taken Trazodone and if so have you lost weight?

I have been on them about a year 200mg each night. I have dropped nearly 2 stone and look like a skeleton undressed. For the first 6 months i lost nothing then all of a sudden i lost all that drastically.
I have had a terrible 6 months finding out my dad had terminal cancer and then losing him after 5 months so people are putting it down to stress etc, but i have been through loads of stressfull things in my life and NEVER lost weight like this.
I have had tests done, nothing wrong thank goodness, asked the doctor if it the meds and she said no. But on the leaflet it says you can lose weight as a side affect so i'm convinced, i also asked the pharmacist but she said that was very rare and if it was that i wouldn't have lost all that amount.

So, is there anyone who has taken it and lost weight.

08-10-08, 13:15
i take trazadone but ive not lost weight , if anything ive put it on maybe yours is a mixture of the meds and anxiety of loosing your dad, sorry im not much help i def need to loose weight and its not happening for me on these

take care

08-10-08, 13:22
Hi Amanda

Thanks for reply, maybe it is stress, i just want to be reassured i think thats it's not the meds because they have made me feel slightly better and i don't want to come off them.
I had my doubts about it being stress because like i said i have gone through loads and never lost weight, but i suppose it has been a bit extreme with losing my dad and having severe anxiety and depression, financial worries through not working etc.

You have put my mind at rest a bit though so a big thanks for that:)

08-10-08, 14:07
if you find a med that works its good to stick with it, im on 150mg at night but i noticed when picked up new lot yesterday it said take 2 at night ,so we will see theres not much information around about trazadone i find , you have been thorugh an awful lot so it def sounds like stress causing it

take care

08-10-08, 15:35

I took Trazadone as a sleep aid and was on a strong dose 300 mg. I took two 150 mg at night. I do not remember losing weight but I was a bit underweight at the time which back then was normal for me. The only reason I stopped taking this med was I was too drowsy during the day and when the dose was lowered I could not sleep so something else was prescribed. I would think your weight loss is due to stress. Try and drink supplements to get your weight back to normal and if that doesn't help I would go to your doctor for advice. Good luck.

Take care,

Laura xxx

08-10-08, 15:45
Thanks Laura

I have been taking complan which is a build up drink and though i shouldn't do it been eating cakes, which i don't usually do:lac: but i can't put an ounce on.

I shall mention it yet again when i go to doctor next because i look ill, all my arms have gone to nothing, my ribs stick out you can count everyone, and nothing in my cupbaord fits! maybe some people would say shut up moaning because i'm tiny, but i hate it.

08-10-08, 15:51
Hi Nanny,

I'm glad you are going to your doctor. I can't say for sure but I would imagine losing a parent must be on of the most stressful things we go through during our lifetime. Also, please do eat cake but also bread and other healthy items like pasta, etc., that can put weight on you too. Please let me know what the doctor says as I do care.

Laura xxx


Do you feel your heart racing and is your skin dry?

08-10-08, 16:03
I am getting loads of palpatations Laura, lots more than usual, but my skin is ok.

I do find a lot of the time that whatever i do eat i'm having to force it down, i used to eat my food no problem. I have left it too long i think to go back to doctors as i've been hoping i'll put some weight on.

At present the doctors are changing all their system and it's difficult to get in unless it's an emergency but i will make an appointment asap.

Thanks for caring:hugs:

02-02-09, 15:24
:hugs: Hi Nanny,

Have you had your thyroid checked? So sorry you are still having a difficult time. (read your post in Announcements)

Laura xxx

07-02-09, 23:34
I am on Trazodone 150mg but it hasn't made me lose any weight which would have been nice :weep:

I guess because I am eating as a student at the moment and find it hard to get out because of my sleeping pattern and social phobia that doesn't help but I guess it just depends on everybodys own situation how the medication affects them.