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01-06-05, 12:29

I'm not trying to get pregnant at the moment but will want to in the future. My worry is that having suffered anxiety and panic attacks for some time that I am more likely to suffer post-natal depression when I do have children.

Does anybody know if you are more susceptable to suffer if you have suffered mental illness?

I'm still on medication at the moment and I'm not ready to come off them for some time so obviously I'm not planning on having children just yet. I want to get myself well first. But it's just in the back of my mind that it could make me suffer again through having a baby.



01-06-05, 18:14
hi Emma,

I am also in your situation. hubby and i were trying before all this happened. needless to say, we stopped and am looking forward to trying again but I was worried too about all the hormonal changes of pregnancy and whether we are more susceptible..
sorry - no help to you at all! but i understand!

02-06-05, 00:22

I'm doing Child Development at school as a GCSE and we did about post-natal depression or also know as 'Baby-Blues'. It is quite common but don't worry you'll have a supporting family and you may not ever feel depressed.

Scooter Girl AKA Jade, Jade Loves Mike 4Eva x X x

02-06-05, 00:48
Hi Emma

It isnt always the case that you will suffer, but if you did you would know what is going on and how to handle it and where the support is. Was always a fear to me as although was a bit down with Sam i never needed more than a good cry on bad days. Then had the fact that i was alone. Now im engaged to Simon once married i would consider having children again but it frightens me to think what if and if i am poorly how could i cope with a baby. But from expereience and what i have learnt and you will have from feeling like this you will see the signs if at all they appear and get help straight away which is a blessing rather that fighting it and realising you cant alone.

No one knows the answer to that and even professional will say you are more suseptible, but a bit of anxiety or a new baby between you and someone you love, i know what i would choose.

Love Sal xx

Dont mess up the best things in your life, just because at present you are unsure who you are.

02-06-05, 13:34
Thanks guys.

I want more than anything to have children eventually. We've not been married long but we do plan to start a family. You're right about recognising any signs early enough to get help so I think it is a risk I am prepared to take.

Emma xx

02-06-05, 13:57
Hi Emma,

I don't know if we are more likely to have PND having suffered from anxiety/depression already.

I had a long, hard labour with my son but never suffered anything other than mild "baby blues". Two and a half years later I had my daughter. Short, easy labour, but I got PND shortly after her birth. I have no idea why I got it after her birth, but not after my sons. But this would, I suppose, point to there being no connection between having previously suffered from anx/depression and the likelihood of getting PND.


03-06-05, 00:18
Good luck with it Emma

You seem to be ready and know that recognising the signs early will help you. Hope it all works out for you.

Love Sal xx

Dont mess up the best things in your life, just because at present you are unsure who you are.

03-06-05, 16:31
Hi everyone,

I am also thinking about babies in my future...my partner and I have been discussing it at great length lately since our close friends have just had a new bundle of joy enter their life. HOwever my partner is concerned about how I would handle the stress, and whether it would be a trigger for my anxiety. I'm not so worried about PND, instead am scared about the anxiety. To all those anxiety sufferers out there with children: did you find that having a baby exacerbated your anxiety???


03-06-05, 19:24
hi there
just want to say my sister in law was bad before pregnancy to but with manic depression
she is now a happy mum of 4 boys
and hasnt had no problems with postnatal depression just baby blues once
hope thats helped

p gregory

04-06-05, 12:40
I had my 1st when my phobia was really bad. I didn't suffer the blues at all and actually helped me to go out as they relie on you don't they.
Had my 2nd and she was the same. Having my 2 bundles of joy helped me no end. I had someone else to concentrate on.

Now being 17 and 14 they are pains in the bum!!! lol but I wouldn't change a thing.

Keep practing is what I say and don't worry about it if you don't need to.

with good wishes