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01-06-05, 13:37
I use now tryptofan and it helps me a lot, the best i've ever tried on the natural front.

I use "amino1500" from the brand NOW (don't know if you can get it in your country) 5 tablets a day and it does wonders !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tryptofaan is mixed with other amino acids so I don't know if only tryptofaan is justy as good as this one is.

01-06-05, 14:12
Hi Janamba

Thanks for the good advices..


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01-06-05, 16:54
Isnt tryptofan in things like turkey?
I'm sure i read somewhere that certain foods contain it, which are supposed to be 'happy' foods??

tracy x x

01-06-05, 16:56
turkey breast

for starters..

01-06-05, 16:57
aaaahhhh thought so......!!

tracy x x

01-06-05, 17:26
I've heard that before. Must give it a go :D

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01-06-05, 23:09
Hmm I'll have to give those a try. There are a few UK sites that stock them, this one included.



01-06-05, 23:25
sorry, i'm a bit confused. what is tryptofan? is it like a vitamin? can you get it as a supplement or is it just found in food? meg, i hope you're reading this!!
henri x

02-06-05, 00:38
Read that in a health magazine a few months ago but never thought about trying it.

Meg what do you reckon to it.

Love Sal xx

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02-06-05, 15:06
Hi Henri,

To answer your question, tryptophan is an amino acid. There are 20 that are naturally occuring, and these are the building blocks of proteins. Like Meg said, it is found in high levels in Turkey and milk...it is thought that Tryptophan hekps regulate sleepiness, thats why Turkey dinner makes you tired, and why you should drink warm milk before bed. So you could take the supplements, or gorge on turkey and drink lots of milk! Hope this helps,

Lisa (the science geek)

06-06-05, 18:44
it's a supplement.

I'm taking them now for 3 weaks and feel great.

It doesn't take all the panic away bit an anti depressant has never done that for me either. But no more attacks with 5 pills a day.

I will keep you informed.

06-06-05, 19:18
lisa and janamba - thanks for filling me in!
maybe i should give them a go...

14-07-05, 11:39
im now 8 weeks off 10 mg celexa and i found the amino 1500 still a good substitute.

Like I said, it doesn't stop all your anxiety but 10 mg celexa never did that as well. I compare 5 tablets a day with 10 mg celexa. And no side effects!

Hope i can continue without that my anxiety gets worse.

14-07-05, 16:32
Glad to hear its going well for you Janamba

Thanks for coming back to update us


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17-07-05, 13:34

Can you please tell me where you purchase it in Holland? can you also let me know if it works immediatley or if it first has to build up and if it can give any side effects.


10-08-05, 15:53
it worked immediately. But I don't think it is good to start with 5 tablets a day, just start with one and see how you react.
Take 1 after breakfast, 2 after diner and 2 before sleep. I also take fishoil and a good vit B.
You can order it at your chemist or at reform/herbstores.

11 weeks now and still now attacks although I had a trying time due to tiredness and I felt more anxiety then, but somehow it didn't result in panic.

18-08-05, 14:47

Can you still take Tryptofan if you are taking a priscription drug from your GP ?

Jenny xx

J. Farmer