View Full Version : Back from MRI

14-10-08, 03:58
Hi guys, well I had my c spine done today. The tech said (though this is not the official report) that he did not see anything that looked like MS, just a bulging disc...he said that would not cause everything I am feeling though. So I should get the official report tomorrow. He did tell me that one can see lesions without contrast (so 3rd person in med field who told me this) and that they use the contrast to high light lesions to see if its active. I dont know, maybe this place has new machines or something.

So, I am going to try to stop obsessing and dxing myself with MS for now.

My thryoid I guess is a bit off too so that may be another thing causing all of this too. SO I was given a thryoid medicine, but I dont want to take it unless I need to...they kinda just said, your thryoid is a bit high..try thig--but dont think this is what is wrong. So that makes me not want to try it.

My neuro gave me cymbalta and said all of this could be fibro (though I dont have the tender points) I guess that helps w nerve pain, twitching etc. SO I think I may go this route....I just dont want to go on it to be told I have something and the abruptly go off it, I know that would not be mentally good.

Anyone have luck wtih cymbalta?