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16-10-08, 15:54
Have decided to take the plunge and sort myself out. Was shocked 20days ago when I plucked up the courage to visit my doctor as was suffering from a lot from anxiety & stress. I agreed to try Sertraline (50mg) as main objection is to continue working. I feel very anxious and am unable to take any time off work to try and relax. Have been taking the tablets and do not know what is normal and not. So little information with the pills.

Have lots of questions which I hope someone can help me with.
:wacko: Starting with, with last night I took some Ibuprofen for tooth ache (or maybe grinding ! Dentist recently made me aware) Within an hour I was wide awake & had really bad stomach pains / acid and butterflies. Have not slept all night, feel weak and wondering how I can get myself through work without somebody noticing or making a mistake !! Wondering if Ibuprofen is off the list while taking sertraline. And what can i take for tooch ache ?


16-10-08, 16:01
Hi Netta, did you not see the reply i sent to the post you made earlier?
I was saying that i take fluoxetine and i know that with that i am not suppose to take ibuprofen whilst on this medication so i'm guessing yours could be the same. Did you get an information slip with your meds? It will tell you on there, if not consult your GP.

16-10-08, 23:57

I take sertaline and my gp said he prefer if i didnt take ibuoprofen while on it


17-10-08, 11:00
Really!?! that is news to me about ibuprofen. I hardly take it though for any kind of pain. I prefer to use asprin or paracetamol. But don't they put caffeine in ibuprofen? I know they do a in a lot of medications. Hmm, I wonder why it causes those effects with sertraline.

17-10-08, 11:14
HI There

A lot of people can't tolerate ibuprofen because it's known to cause stomach problems, maybe use something else if possible Tom.

26-09-09, 18:45
Is paracetamol fine with Sertaline?

27-09-09, 03:27

yes it is

love mandie x

27-09-09, 10:25
Thank you - been scared to take when had headache :)

28-09-09, 02:30
yeah ibuprofen can be quite harsh on the stomach, its probably not reacting with your antidepressant but perhaps doing it on its own.though its always best to check with a pharmacist. its best taken with some food

(not a pharmacist or gp jsut tlaking from own experience)

14-04-15, 12:07
i was looking around to see if i could take nurafen for my back amd as i read thepost netta started all you dicribed how your stomoch felt i have had this most nights since taking sertraline got up to 100 MG but going back down been on this for eight months and all it did for me was numb all my emotions to a poit of dont care i lay in bed alot didnt want anything to do i had no emotions about anything i put a stone on in weight now sufferng a bad back want to no if i can take nurafen ans sertraline

07-05-15, 20:21
I was looking into this earlier. Sertraline on its own can increase the chance of gastrointestinal bleeding, so can ibuprofen or aspirin. Take them together and you are just asking for trouble! It's just not worth finding out for yourself. Play it safe and stick to paracetamol.

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Trish I feel the same on sertraline. No energy, no drive, nothing. I've also been really poorly due to taking ibuprofen with sertraline for several weeks. I stored away my ibuprofen pills earlier not to be used again while I'm on sertraline. My symptoms have been very similar to someone with severe iron deficiency due to blood loss.

07-05-15, 22:01
I've taken ibuprofen while on sertraline, seems to be fine?

07-05-15, 22:46
Feldane is the only NSAID more prone to ulcers than Ibuprofen. Stick to acetaminophen.