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04-06-05, 23:15
since i last posted a message my doctor as changed my perscription from propranolol 10mg 1four times daily to half-inderal la 80mg 1 . to be taken at bedtime i still take 1 diazepam 2mg a day is it safe to stop the diazepam ,i only started the inderal last night but i have had a rough time today panicky and the dreaded fears of being alone in the house .how do i overcome these fears?any help please [8D]


05-06-05, 02:29
Hi Mili

Sorry to hear you had a rough time..

<b id="quote">quote:</b id="quote"><table border="0" id="quote"><tr id="quote"><td class="quote" id="quote">but i have had a rough time today panicky and the dreaded fears of being alone in the house </td id="quote"></tr id="quote"></table id="quote">

I can relate to that...I ve felt that way many times, its horrible...it takes time to regain confidence , you need to tell yourself that you'll be fine even on your own , i know easier said than done, but if you say it to yourself it would be a good start. By starting changing your thought patterns, you'll change the worry pattern and therefore the anxiety.( if that makes sense ).
Hope that helps.


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05-06-05, 10:09
I often get scared of being alone at home. Distraction is the best way to take it off your mind and make the time pass quicker..:D

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05-06-05, 18:25
thanks for your replys i have had a better day today but its night time when my husband as gone to work on the night shift i hate the most.but never mind tomorrow will be another day hope its as good as today if not better ihave to go to work tomorrow so we will see if its stress from work that is causing my stress i work with a lot of other girls who like to back stab every one.thanks to you all it does help to know others are going through the same symptoms as me.[8D]


05-06-05, 18:31
Good luck at work tomorrow - hope it goes ok :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

06-06-05, 20:30
[8D]another day at work today felt edgy and nervy all day but managed to keep going even worked on the tills for a while this afternoon i have arranged to go to see a hypnotherapist next tuesday dont know what will happen but i hope it will help me.some days like yesterday i felt ok i suppose you have to take one day at a time and hope the good days will out number the rough onas o to be back to my old self again


06-06-05, 21:18
Well done Mili,

You're absolutely right about each day being a new one and working at it so the goods outweigh the bad


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06-06-05, 21:20

That is all you can do for now - take each day as it comes and don't think that every day will be so bleak as sometimes things surprise us.


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