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20-10-08, 14:44
hi guys

i get so embarrased talking about this and ive been giving out advise last few days re my medication i take etc for my ibs and can usually manage it and had accepted it............buttttttt

i am on anti-bios for an infection i had and i cant stop obsessing that there going to give me diaherrea - i have been on them for a week and todaty is my last day- last week when i started them i obsessed it would be the side effects now i read somewhere u can get castroentoitis (cant spell) after a course of anti;s and now my obsessing. I literrally cant stop it

anytime i get a pain or twinge in my stomach i think am going to have to go to the toilet-my ibs is playing up today as well and i cant take an anti de due to meds - am in work until 10 and just want to cry- my mum is away on business and i have no-one to talk to- i feel terrible

any advise please


20-10-08, 14:59
aw you poor thing. I have IBS & it's just awful. You need to take you tablets. If they make you ill (which I doubt it) they make you ill, but they probably won't & you worrying is making your ibs worse! stop stressing, take the tabs & try not to worry. If you are ill then I am sure work will let you go home. But worrying will just make ibs worse hun. xxxxxxxx pm if you want to talk. xxx

thoughts and actions
20-10-08, 15:34

thank you so much-

ive spoken to my manager and made a docs appointment for 17.10

i need to see if i can take my anti d- or i need to be given something to stop me going to toilet- i have honselty been about 10 times today but am having symptoms thats not IBS- dont really wanna put them on here

im scared now- but at least when i phoned the health centre i could see my own gp and not the emergency one- she knows my history so it will be easier

fingers crossed!!

20-10-08, 15:50
let us know how you get on hun. xxx

20-10-08, 17:43
hi i have just been to the doctors with the same thing he gave me something that once i have opened my bowels its atablet to take after that calms it down its worked so far some of my panic attacks are caused by not getting to the loo on time or were is the nearest loo hope you get on ok good luck x

thoughts and actions
21-10-08, 20:57
hi guys

wee update

went to docs - ended up going today as well, ive to hand in a sample for investigation

doc reckons ive either

1. Developed yet another infection/ virus as a result of the antis ive been on
2. Caught c dificil or some other hospital bug (although i think if i had this i would no about it )

so all i can do is wait for the results then we will take it from there :(