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06-06-05, 18:06
I feel so daft! I've had the worst day! I agreed to do a temping job today as med secretary at none other than the priory. I didn't really think about it so not only was I nervous about going today from new job nerves but I sat in a freezing office all day in an imposing big house typing up letters of depression/suicide and all manner of psychiatric illnesses.. not only that but the dr i was dictating from had a strong irish accent and mumbled at 100 mph..
so now im so glad to be back home. I've told them i'm not going back! I hate temping drifting from job to job but i have to seeming as i have had to defer uni til january. grrr.. i feel pretty down now.
my lovely hubby just bought me some roses and some chocolate to cheer me up.. bless.
thanks for letting me moan,
p.s. meg - it just goes to show how right you were about the volunteering work..

06-06-05, 18:18

Well done for managing it. Good decision Hon.

I know that once we're recovering its lovely to think that we can cure and heal the world and set off to do all manner of courses and healing qualifications.

I'm sure everyone can each do their bit in time if it still appeals, but initially you are still pretty fragile out there for a good while and IMHO its best to avoid taking on responsible mental health do goodery until we are sure we can read the tabloids worst stories of mad peoples horror days out and the latest tropical pandemic without even a squirm ..

Hope the next one is in a warm but air conditioned office with a drinks machine and radio and fun people to chat to.


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06-06-05, 18:25
Thanks Meg,
I think it was the good money that persuaded me to do it, but in the end its not worth the trauma. at least i get a lie in tomorrow!
I promise I wont do it again!! I think once you notice you're slowly recovering you feel you are invincible but its true - I admit it, I AM still fragile. I'll have to be more gentle.. its a habit of mine to run before I can walk..
thanks again,
P.S. IMHO??!

06-06-05, 18:45
in my humble opinion

06-06-05, 18:47

Sorry it didn't go so well but don't give up just yet - I am sure there is a fab temp job with your name on it somewhere.

Hope something turns up soon.

IMHO = In My Honest Opinion.


"Nearly all happiness comes into our lives through doors we don't even remember leaving open"

06-06-05, 18:56
Hey Lisa,
Well done for getting through the day. It sounds like you coped very well - at least you didn't run off at lunchtime.
I once temped for about six months, straight after graduating, and i found it really hard work and sometimes quite intimidating, because every day is like your first day at work.
Anyway, at least you know you can do it. And on the plus side, yummy roses and chocolate. Mmmm!
Henri xx

06-06-05, 19:06
Sorry it didn't go too well Lisa. You did it though and that's what matters..:D

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06-06-05, 23:37
Hi Lisa,

Firstly sorry you had a bad day hun. A big Well done to you for getting through the day though mate. That sounded really tough but you coped.

I hope you get some nicer temping work soon! Good Luck

Take care,


07-06-05, 00:05
Hi Lisa

Sorry the day didn't go as well as you hoped, but you stayed and got through it, so well done.

I hope the next temp job is much better for you.


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07-06-05, 15:07
Hi Lisa,
bit late, i know, but i think, you done really well, you coped and that's the main thing, anyway mate, i want your husband, chocs and flowers eh??????