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24-10-08, 21:43
Hi all,

Ive been prescribed propranolol today, have never taken betablockers before and im a bit worried as always about taking new med. My mom always nics the leaflets out of them so that i cant read about the side effects too.

Any info would be appreciated.



24-10-08, 21:52
Hi Chelle

I am not a fan of meds, but I have taken propanolol for stressy situations, it's a beta blocker.

Anxiety wise it calms the heart although its design was for lowering blood pressure, have they told you to take it every day?

I used to pop one when going to meetings just to take the edge off.

Only drawback I know off is if you take it regular, it can make you lethargic. That was only what I read in a Claire Weekes book, I am no expert.


24-10-08, 21:56
Ive been prescribed 80 mg to be taken every morning,

Cathy V
24-10-08, 21:57
I take propranolol 80mg. They are given for anxiety as they slow your heart down....so can also help if you suffer with 'missed beats'. They can be given also for migraine and high blood pressure, as they relax the blood vessels. They do have some side effects, as do most drugs, and affect people in different ways, but the side effects if any are quite mild compared to some drugs.

My main side effect was lack of energy, due to them slowing the system down a bit, but i must say that having tried another beta blocker called bisprolol, propranolol are the best to take in my opinion, and side effects seem to have settled down now.

Cathy xxx :)

24-10-08, 22:17
Hi Cathy,

Are they best taken in the morning as my doc suggested or at night been as they can make people lethargic, when do you take yours?


Cathy V
24-10-08, 22:23
Ive been told to take them in the morning too. my guess is because they are slow release then they help me to cope during the day. They arent really given as a sedative as such, so not much point in them being pescribed to help you sleep (and 80mg wouldnt make me sleep anyway to be honest!). You can take other meds alonside of them if needs be, to help you sleep, but the pharmacist i spoke to told me to try something like Nytol Herbals, these are herbal tablets you can buy from any chemists, completely natural, with no side effects at all, and he said better than taking sleeping pills which then just become something else to become addicted to.

24-10-08, 22:52
Thanks Cathy,

That sounds like good advice.

I dont really have trouble sleeping once im asleep at night, i dont like anything that makes me sleepy in the daytime such as benzos(i cant stay awake if i take anything like that). Good to hear that i wont be sent to sleep on propranolol.

Thanks again x

09-11-08, 11:17
I have been taken propanolol for about 5months now, i was told by doc to take at night to help me sleep, to which i was doing so, yes they helped me sleep but i was still having anxiety attacks during day and feeling like i was going to die. My doc has now told me to take in morn to which i have done for the past 4 weeks, but i am feeling dizzy, lifeless till about lunch time, not sure if i should stick with it or change back i also feels shaky on them, any ideas?:shrug:

09-11-08, 12:47
hi i get this dizzy feeling sick cold hands but i take herbal calms aswell, the thing is with herbal is take them as it says on the bottle as they dont stay in the system for ages but im finding there helping abit i was taking the calms when i went out only i thought there rubbish but the chemist told me to take them as it says to then they build up in the system and there safe. but try to stay on your meds ive been on mine for 2 weeks i i carnt really say if i feel great but i do notice im a bit calmer may be its taking the calms regular aswell stick with it if you can all meds seem to take for ever to work but with some people they work rite away others take weeks i hate the feeling tired part shaky but i think its all normal good luck xxx

09-11-08, 13:23

I take Propanalol 40mg twice a day at the moment. I've been on this dose for about a month now and I'm finding that it really does help. Only side effect for me is feeling cold/cold hands which my GP told me I should watch as Winter approaches. I just make sure I wrap up well and wear gloves when I go out.

Baggie :)

Twin Galaxies
10-11-08, 01:56
hi i was given propranolol on saterday for anxiety 40mg upto 3 times a day and iv had no side effects besides the general fear and anxiety of taking it they have appeared to do nothing for me but its early days... i did notice a dry mouth but i put that down to fear not the drug

20-11-08, 18:48
hiya all I have been on and off them for about 18 months.. I just ordered another repeat presciption. I tend to take them when I get up early in the morning when I first wake up and in the evening. I tend to take them on an empty stomach as they seem to work better :) the only side effects I get is a bit of lethargy but the calming effect I get is very nice :)

01-10-10, 21:33
my docotr said i can take them aslong as i have 12 hours inbetween, i had one at 8:30 am this morning, and one at 8:40 pm this evening, am i gonna be ok

Hazel B
01-10-10, 22:14
I take 40mg x 3 times a day, it has helped me get through a time of high anxiety. No real side effects to report, they got my pulse down from over 120bpm and helped me get calm again.

27-01-14, 21:38
Hi there, just saw this thread and thought I would register so a newbie here 'waves' :)

I have just started taking Propranolol 40mg today.

Two reasons but one main reason.

The main reason was I had suffered from a 9 day and still ongoing awful and painful headache, which I am finding it hard to live with. Been off work too.

Practically lived at the Dr's over this time. Followed there adice, tried different pain killers and nothing has worked.

On top of that I have had high blood pressure when im normally ok.

I do suffer from depression too, but on antidepressants, and said the headache is likely from stress/depression.

So today went to the Dr in the morning and he put me on Propranolol. 1 tablet 3 times a day. And only had two tablets so far to date, but I feel so calm (kind of forgot what it felt like).

Though my headache is still there, but me being calmer might get rid of it.

But I do feel sleepy, but so far that is all ive experienced.

Take care,

_cheeky_ :-p

01-02-14, 09:33
I am on40mg thrice a day.

They had a massive effect for me. Helped manage me toa state of relative calm from one of permanent anxiety and regular anxiety attacks.

Now taking them with Cit 20mg and beginning to feel like my old self.

No real side effects from propanalol just a reduction in physical symptoms of anxiety

01-02-14, 11:22
Hi Zeitgeist, Chheky and Hazel,

I'm pleased to hear that you are doing well on the propranalol and citalopram, I am also on 20mg cit and my GP has now told me to take propranalol as well as I find I wake up in the morning at about 5am full of anxiety and he has told me to take 2 x 10mg then and more should I need them through the day, I was a bit worried about starting them but after reading your messages I am going to give them a go.

01-02-14, 19:32
The old beta blocker propranol is widely used and as you can see from the comments above help many people.
However if you suffer from low blood pressure consult your doctor as I speak from personal experience with my own daughter, who was prescibed propranol in very small dosages and still passed out.