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03-12-03, 03:47
I needed people's edvice on this one. I tend to get panic attacks while I am babysitting children. It hadn't happened in awhile but the last time I was babysitting, about 20 min into it, as the mother was leaving, I started getting panic attacks. I three over the course of the night(6hrs).

What I was wondering was if I should continue babysitting, even though I know I might get a panic attack? Is it fair to the kids? They really had no idea, but I felt like I should be the one who is comforting them.

03-12-03, 08:50
I used to be exactly like this. I found that with time, keeping going babysitting actually got easier, and the panic attacks stopped.

Practice breathing exercises. Play games with the kids to keep your mind occupied, or take a video or some work to do if they are in bed.

Drink something relaxing like hot chocolate or horlicks. Avoid coffee and other stimulants.

I carried on babysitting, because the parents never went that far afield, and they were surrounded by neighbours (and my parents lived just up the road), so I knew if I ever had a debilitating attack, help was at hand.


04-12-03, 13:56
Hiya Orion,

Welcome aboard, You will find much support and good advice here. We all care about one another, and know with each others support we will all beat this thing together. As far as the babysitting, if you are able to keep the panic under control as you have been, I would certainly continue to babysit as you will find that everyday you survive it will get easier. The panic will pass, everyday you make it through or like we say "SURVIVE", you will start to know what you are feeling is anxiety/panic and that it is nothing life threatening. Just keep telling yourself when those feelings come on,that this is just anxiety I am fine, nothing is wrong!!! Try to find something to do, to get your mind off of what you are feeling. I know in that moment that is easier said than done. If you are not able to take your mind off of your feelings, If you are able come here. Someone is usually always on and can help you through the negative feelings and thoughts. Do post again to let us know how you are doing. Remember you are not alone!!!!

Take care,

Diana xxx

04-12-03, 16:45
Hi all

Im babysitting my 6 year old niece right now!! I had to pick her up from school and ive been looking after her since then as her mum and dad had to go to hospital as my sister is pregnant, and my mum and dad had to go to a funeral so i was the only option left.
I have to say a big up to all you who pick up kids and look after them every day. It might be a bit different with your own kids but looking after my sisters i have a real bad case of 'im gonna faint any minute' panic.
love Sarah
p.s im not ignoring my niece, just had to come in here quickly to soothe my nerves...lol

04-12-03, 19:49
Hiya Sarah,

Good for you watching after your little niece. It is a bit of a challenge at times, especially on a daily basis, but I suppose that comes along with parenthood. Good for her mum and dad, they have you to watch after her. You`ll be fine, you are not going to faint. Just a bit overwhelming for ya I guess. Take care dear, whenever you need to pop on just to calm your nerves you go right ahead and do so. LOL........... :)

Love Diana xxx

04-12-03, 20:11
Hi Sarah

You are doing well - just remember some deep breathes and play some games with her to take your mind of it. Hope it went ok :-)


05-12-03, 08:06

It went fine after all that fuss I made...lol
I think I was just worrying too much about scareing her if i had panic.

love Sarah

05-12-03, 18:46
Hiya Sarah,

You did fine, good for you!!!!! It`s not a fuss, just something you know might be an issue. Glad you were able to get through the sitting though. You thinking you might scare her if you were to panic, is probably what kept you from panicking. :) Kudos, for a job well done.

Take care,

Diana xxx