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28-10-08, 12:20
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, three weeks ago i had a terrible panic attack, so bad i ended up in my doctors surgery i had a mild high chest pain she examined me and told me i was fine, but she wanted to take a ecg to be sure, i had the ecg and was called back in around 20 mins and was told that my chest pain was nothing to do with my heart ,however my ecg was showing that i have had a previous heart attack,she then gave me a prescription for some beta blocker and baby asprin and told me she would make a appointment to see the cardiologist i was mortified i coudnt belive it i had chest pains in the past but allways associated them with heavy weight training and stress, i went home and about two hours later i was hyperventilating so badly that i ended up down the local emergency room i was then given another ecg which came back completly normal, i asked the doctor @ the hospital was there anything showing in my hearts history that i had a had a heart attack, he said no, i went home completly baffled and still panicking, i then went to my doctors the next day for blood tests , evrything came back normal my blood pressure is a little on the high side but besides that evry thing was fine, still doesnt help me im still constantly having panic attacks, i have a appointment with a cardiologist next week! but i am having a real tough time at the moment having constant panic attacks and im really worried

28-10-08, 12:54
Hiya Russell

This happened to my dad & there is another post on here that the same has also happened to. Dont worry hun i doubt you would have had a heart attack however the cadiologist will confirm this. ECG's are fantastic but very easily buggered up. Things such as movement & previous ecg's can give wrong reasons xx

28-10-08, 18:22
Hello Russ,
Would have to agree with Nicki, i'm sure had you already shown signs of having had a heart attack they would've have kept you in a little longer and run a few more tests.
Have you thought about easing off on the training? All that straining and adrenalin rushing around your body is like a red rag to a bull to panic attacks!
I know it's hard to stop but it's probably you're body's way of asking you to slow down and give it a rest, may'be do a bit of yoga mate and relax a little more.
Take it easy