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08-06-05, 18:56
Hi Everyone

what sort of natural things can i do to iprove anxiety and make me feel calmer? how good is rescue remedy? does it really hard and make you feel calmer?
Also can anyone tell me what sort of aerobic excercise to do as i havent a clue and i have found out that you should do aerobic excercise every day for 30 mins!
I do walk everyday but that doesnt seem to make me feel any better really!
And is there any natural supplements to help me? i'm already taking vitamin b complex and minerals and omega 3 fish oils!
I need some suggestions i dont have much money so i need cheap simple things!


08-06-05, 20:04
Rescue Remedy will calm you down when you feel panicky - well worth a try.

I used to do aerobic videos at home but I can't see you dancing along to a Rosemary Conley exercise video lol.

Can you get to a gym maybe? Sit ups and ab crunches are free and can be done in the home on a mat.

Anything that gets your heart beating and pulse rate up.

Swimming is an all round good exercise as well.

Have you thought about aromatherapy or homeopathy?


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08-06-05, 21:07
What about a good kick boxing video?? I used to do some when I was younger though they are mostly aimed at men and they really get your heart pounding!! :D

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09-06-05, 07:49
Get yourself a bike and feel free. :D If you can't afford a new one buy a second hand one and do it up.

Walking is good, but cycling is the best. I enjoy walking my dog, are you an animal lover?

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