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09-06-05, 12:31
i often say why me, as i been this way for nearly 6 years and i'm only 21!!! 21!!! i have no friends, no life. not alot. but really i do, i have aloving family, i dont need anything such as clothes, food, money.
All i want is to be normal,too step outside my house without feeling someone is laughing or staring at me.
i was told my someone i respect dearly to NEVER EVER say why me, coz if it isn't you, its going to be someone else. And i dont know about you, i wouldn't wish this illness on anyone.
I've been threw alot and even if i hated someone i would want them to go threw what i've been threw.
Take Care stace


09-06-05, 12:35
hi Stace,

I think a lot of us have asked ourselves that question many times. It is a horrible thing to have to go through but when we get through, we will be much stronger than we were before and hopefully be a lot more confident in many situations..That's what I tell myself anyway..

Sarah :D

"Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

09-06-05, 12:42
I always say why me? I've been taking panic attacks since I was 14 (I'm now 19) It feels as if the best years of my life have been wasted, I have a few friends but lots of cousins who are always dragging me out with them, it's a pity you don't live in Belfast, we could've met up and you could've come out with us. Do you think you could even join some groups or do some outdoor volunteer work (I say outdoor cos I'm not as bad if I'm outside)? I hope you start to feel better, have you been to a doctor, don't let these things ruin your life, I know it's hard but you have to find the strength to fight them. Best of luck, Rois

09-06-05, 13:44
I think accepting the fact that this is happening to you is the first step to recovery.

Asking the question 'why me?' is a way of ignoring the responsibility of what is happening to you. As soon as you accept it, you can start dealing with it.


09-06-05, 13:59
I'm going to say it again :D

Read Dorothy Rowe's books. They will help you to stop asking why me, and help you to get a better life, you just have to add courage.

"Your truth is better for you than someone else's. Just get to know what it is, so you can finally own it, and speak it."

09-06-05, 14:10
I've been where you are. I can fully understand where you are coming from.
I developed agoraphobia from the age of 17. I'm now 37.
Didn't go outside for nearly 2 years.....why me???
Well I had enough.....done alot of hard work. Have got a lot of support from all around.

I have a book to recommend and thats FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY...brill book.
I agree with Sarah we do get alot stronger with every blip we come across.
You have come to the right site though. You will get loads of support and even a kick up the backside but I wished I found this ages ago.

Why me??? This has shown me that even though it has been tough in places it has shown me I have the strength to get through other horrible things that life chucks at me. I am alot stronger than what I think.

I proven that and other people on this site have proven that time and time again.

Take stock at what you have got and what you have achieved, then start to take little steps on the road to recovery.

with good wishes